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beaches in kuantan

Pahang, blessed with some 210 kilometers of shoreline, is the perfect playground for seekers of the sun, sands and seas. Visitors are definitely spoilt for choices as the coastline is dotted by numerous stretches of white sandy beaches that are ever-ready to play host even to the most discerning. For the divers, there is Tioman. The island park is teeming with an assortment of exotic marine life that turn the colorful coral reefs as their homes.

Beaches in Kuantan, Island and Theme Park such Sepat Beach, Kuantan River Cruise, Beserah Beach, Kuantan, Balok Beach, Kuantan, Gambang Water Park/ Safari Park, Kuantan, Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan, Chendor Beach, Cherating, Turtle Sanctuary in Chendor Beach Cherating and Club Med Cherating. Please click the section below for more information.
pantai sepat

Beaches in Kuantan - Pantai Sepat

Beaches in Kuantan - Pantai Sepat. When you reach Tanjung Sepat village, you will find that the place is serene and tranquil, a typical Malay fishing village. The houses are far between each other, separated by coconut trees and woods. Fishing boats can be seen far out in the sea and some boats tied along the beach. Please click here to know more about Pantai Sepat

kuantan river cruise

Beaches in Kuantan : Kuantan River Cruise

Beaches in Kuantan : Kuantan River Cruise takes visitors through the picturesque landscape of a 500-year-old mangrove forest reserve that spreads along the Kuantan River. The swamp, which covers an area of 340 hectares, is home to fascinating varieties of estuarine plants, birds and fish species.

beserah beach

Beaches in Kuantan : Beserah Beach

Beaches in Kuantan : Beserah Beach Beserah is an old-fashioned fishing village located about 8 kilometers north of Kuantan. The quaint little village has its very own charm and romance, where traditional boats are still used. It is a village that is famous for fresh fishes everyday! You can buy fresh fishes at wholesale prices here. For swimming and seashells picking activities, you can visit Pantai Pelindung.

balok beach

Beaches in Kuantan : Pantai Balok / Balok Beach

Pantai Balok / Balok Beach About 15 kilometers north of Kuantan is Balok Beach, a popular venue for windsurfing. Catch the many stunts and antics of amateur and professional windsurfers as they boldly challenge the rolling waves of Balok Beach. The beach is acknowledged as one of the 10 best beaches in the world by the international wind-surfing and kite-surfing sportsmen. Many of the activities here revolve around the string of international resorts and hotels that line the beach. Visit Natural Batik Village and stay at Villaku Residence or De Rhu Resort. Info are all here.

bukit gambang theme park

Beaches in Kuantan : Bukit Gambang Resort City - Gambang WaterPark / Safari Park Kuantan

Bukit Gambang Resort City - Gambang WaterPark / Safari Park Kuantan : Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC) is a Premier Integrated Resort City located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Sprawled across 727 acres of lush secondary jungle, BGRC offers multiple attractions in one location, placing it as the ideal one-stop destination for leisure activities and MICE events. You will obtain information such as Bukit Gambang Water Park, Bukit Gambang Safari Park activity and attraction.

Click here to get informaiton about Bukit Gambang Theme Park, Waterpark and Safari Park in detail before you decide your journey/ vacation.

pantai teluk cempedak

Beaches in Kuantan : Pantai Teluk Cempedak

Beaches in Kuantan : Pantai Teluk Cempedak It's a beach life at Teluk Chempedak Beach, located only five kilometres from Kuantan town. Go for swim, take to the sails, surf the waves or just while away the hours on the promenade with a purpose built local food court, an international fast food outlet and 5 star resort hotel in the vicinity. Teluk Chempedak is a complete beach getaway that can get rather busy on weekends as it is the most popular amongst local. If you like company, then this place is for you.

Click here to get detail information about Pantai Teluk Cempedak, one of the best beach in Kuantan.

chendor beach

Beaches in Kuantan : Chendor Beach

Beaches in Kuantan : Chendor Beach is located about 2 kilometers from Cherating and a natural extension of Cherating beach. The beach is usually not very crowded compared to other beaches in the area. You can also try traditional foods like otak-otak, satar, and keropok lekor near Chendor town. This is an ideal place to visit Chendor Turtle Sanctuary and Club Med Cherating. Get information about things to do in Chendor Beach and turtle hatching program here.

pulau tioman islands pahang

Island in Kuantan : Pulau Tioman

Island in Kuantan : Pulau Tioman : About 58 kilometres off Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, in the South China Sea, lies Tioman Island, a tear-shaped island paradise. Tioman Island, measuring 38 kilometres long and 19 kilometres at its widest, is the largest in a group of the 64 volcanic islands. The striking profile of the twin peaks of Simukut Mountain provides a remarkable landmark to this beautiful island, reputed to be one of the ten most beautiful and idyllic island in the world.

5 Things to do in Pulau Tioman : Scuba Diving in Tioman Islands, Snorkelling in Tioman Islands, Marine Park in Tioman Islands, Island Hoping in Tioman Islands and Diving Course in Tioman Islands

Kuantan, the state capital, is located on the east coast and facing the South China Sea. It is fast developing into a modern commercial centre, yet retaining its unique age- old charms. Now, modern high-rise structures coexist harmoniously with pre-war shop houses and colonial buildings.

Kuantan is vibrant, clean and punctuated by lush greenery that gives the town a refreshing countryside atmosphere. Food is easily available as there are many restaurants and open air food stalls selling local culinary delights. Its nightlife is an affair of colorfully decorated stalls selling anything from handicraft to costume jewelry and farm produce.

  • What are Beaches in Kuantan, Island and Theme Park ?

    Beaches in Kuantan, Island and Theme Park

    Herewith, we listed the beaches, islands and theme parks are in Pahang.

    • Sepat Beach
    • Kuantan River Cruise
    • Beserah Beach, Kuantan
    • Balok Beach, Kuantan
    • Gambang Water Park/ Safari Park, Kuantan
    • Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan
    • Chendor Beach, Cherating
    • Turtle Sanctuary in Chendor Beach Cherating
    • Club Med Cherating

*source: pahangtourism.org.my

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