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Kuala Lumpur Sports Center (KLSC)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The abbreviation is KL, where all modernity and sophistication is found here. Development in Malaysia is centered in KL where there is a skyscraper that symbolizes the pride of Malaysians, the Petronas Twin Towers, Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) dan Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower). Fast-growing business sectors and infrastructure development such as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), LRT, SMART Tunnels (among the world's most popular tunnels) with rainwater technology as well as car lanes to solve traffic congestion problems.

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History about Malacca

Malacca City (also spelled Melaka) is the capital of the coastal state of Malacca, in southwestern Malaysia. At its center, Jonker Street, Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, is known for antique shops and its night market. Nearby, the 17th-century Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng temple has ornate decorations and multiple prayer halls. A green, 3-tiered roof tops the 18th-century, Javanese-influenced Kampung Kling Mosque.


The Charms of Terengganu

Terengganu holds the charms and splendour from others state in Malaysia. Despite rapid development and modernisation, it is as if time has stood still as the state retains all the rustic and idyllic charms so different from other tourist destination. Having the longest coastline (244km) of wonderful beaches, the lush tropical rainforests, a hidden paradise unmoved by time and stunning islands with its tranquil emerald waters turn magnificently golden hues at the touch of the sun’s first rays


Overview of Pahang

Pahang is a large state in Peninsular Malaysia. It's known for its mountains, rainforests and beaches, including the white sands and coral reefs of Tioman Island off the east coast. The state capital, Kuantan, is a major seaport. In the west, the gentle hills of the Cameron Highlands include resorts, tea plantations and terraced farms, and the village of Fraser’s Hill resembles an English hamlet.


Kelantan 'Serambi Mekah'

Kelantan is a state is known as 'Serambi Mekah' whereby most of the people around the world has recognize Kelantan as religious country in Malaysia.Get a useful information about Pulau Tioman, Mersing Town, Muar Town, the best nasi beriyani gam in Johor, mee bandung Mua, Mee Rebus, Lontong and seafood stall in Johor.


Johor is located at the southern of Peninsular Malaysia...



Negeri Sembilan History

Negeri Sembilan was settled between the 15th and the 16th century by the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra who migrated to the region during the height of the Malay Sultanate in Malacca.Negeri Sembilan is a state of Malaysia full of culture and traditions. What to do when you arrived in Negeri Sembilan?

The best food in Seremban? How about top ten hotels in Seremban?

Nilai 3 is considered a shopping heaven for women. What's so interesting about Nilai 3?


Perak Historical Fact

Several versions do exist detailing the origins of Perak. According to some historians, the name Perak actually came from the Malacca’s Bendahara Tun Perak while others argue that it was derived from the glimmering of fish in water, which had a sliver like sparkling.

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang is one of the famous food in Perak.


Malacca is a country that have many historical stories since the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka...


Kedah is known as a paddy field country.

The state of Kedah spans approximately 9, 425 sq. km in the northern part of the Peninsular and together with Perlis, Perak and Kelantan, shares a common border with neighbouring Thailand. It is a fairly small state.

Pulau Langkawi the best beach

Langkawi Malaysia has been deemed as one of the best places in Malaysia for a beach holiday. The real fun is to get into the water because water sports add to the entertainment.

10 Reasons to Visit Langkawi

Make your next trip to the ‘Island of Legends,’ a destination of ancient rain forest, unspoiled beaches and calm waters.The real fun is to get into the water because water sports add to the entertainment.

Things to do in Langkawi

You can do things like braving sky bridge, a thrilling canopy adventure with Sky Trex, incredible sounds and sights with rainforest immersion and many more.

Whispering Fish Market (Pasar Bisik-Bisik)

Buying fish through bisik-bisik. Buyers trying to buy the fish through whispering method at Pasar Bisik-Bisik in Kuala Muda, North Seberang Perai yesterday.

Tanjung Dawai punya tarikan tersendiri

TANJUNG Dawai di Kedah, bukanlah destinasi pelancongan popular tetapi bagi penulis ia tetap menarik untuk dikunjungi.

Pekan Rabu Historical Shopping Paradise


Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)



About Penang

Penang or Pulau Pinang is a vibrant State with its capital, George Town, having the rare distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Penang Island is a 15 to 20-minute ferry ride from mainland Penang.

Night Market, Botanic Gardens and Hin Bus Depot

The ever-popular night markets in search of souvenirs and bargains. The beautiful landscaped gardens, encircled by jungle-clad hills and this depot an unique contemporary art space

Homestays in Penang

The homestays in Penang, an alternative to conventional hotels, offer affordable and comfortable accommodation for tourists where they can stay with the locals, away from the city's hustle and bustle


Perlis is located at the northern side of Peninsular Malaysia and the smallest country in Malaysia. Most of the people in Perlis live in the village...


Sabah also known as Negeri di bawah bayu or nice breeze air located in Borneo...


Sarawak is very famous about the culture and agricultural. The biggest flower in the world founded in Sarawak!...