1001 Best Pahang Destination in Malaysia-Attraction

It's Time to Start Your Adventures: 1001 Best Pahang Destination in Malaysia-Attraction

1001 Best Pahang Destination in Malaysia-Attraction such as Taman Negara, Pahang FA, Cameron Highlands, #SungaiPahang, ikan patin, tempoyak, music etc. More…


8 Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia

You can find the best nature in #Pahang according to 8 category i.e nature in Bentong, Raub, Lake Chini, Sungai Lembing, Maran, Lipis, Jerantut and Temerloh, For example, Taman Negara, Homestay and Waterfalls and Bentong Hot Spring. You also can get the best experience for camping sites, climb Mount Chini, and top activities in Sungai Lembing.

Besides that, visit Agro Resort, agriculture, fishing, farming and swimming in the waterfall at Maran. Not to be missed let;s go to the Zoo Lipis, caves in Jerantut, Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary and many more activities in Pahang.

taman negara

Taman Negara Malaysia (National Park Pahang)

Gazetted as a National Park since 1938, Taman Negara Pahang is Malaysia's premier national park and the largest in the country. Spread over 4,343 square kilometres, this wild and virgin region is densely covered with ancient rainforest. Spanning the three states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, its protrusion into Pahang is the largest. Previously known as King George V National Park, Taman Negara is meticously conserved and jealously guarded as it is among the last remaining frontiers of pristine rainforest.

You can get information such as Entry Requirement to Taman Negara, boat fares, activities such as canopy walkway, Bukit Teresek, Kuala Terenggan, Kuala Keniyam, Telinga Cave, Lata Berkoh & Kelah Sanctuary, Climbing at Gunung Tahan 2,187 meters etc.

endau rompin state park

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur - 5 Best Sport Complex in KL​

What Visitors Usually Do in Endau Rompin State Park? There are 1) Jungle Trekking in Endau Rompin State Park, 2) Kinchin River Fishing Spot in Endau Rompin State Park, 3) Kemapan River Fishing Spot in Endau Rompin State Park, 4) Mahkota Waterfall in Endau Rompin State Park and 5) Kelapa Gading Cave in Endau Rompin State Park

Endau-Rompin State Park encompasses the watersheds of the rivers, Endau in Rompin in Pahang and comprises some 488 sq. km. of verdant tropical rainforest. Lush and virtually untouched. Please click this section for more info

tasik bera pahang

Lake Bera - The lake of changing color

Lake Bera is located in the central lowlands of Peninsular Malaysia. It lies within the Pahang River catchments area. The wetland consists of a complex of inflowing streams and swamps, measuring some 35 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide. The total catchment area of Lake Bera is around 61,380 hectares, while the Ramsar site of 31,120 hectares include some 6,800 hectares of wetland habitats, known as the biggest natural lake in Malaysia

This section tells about Lake Bera or Tasik Bera Pahang and the most popular destination which is Bukit Bertangga Waterfall

gulai tempoyak ikan patin

The best food in Pahang

Welcome to #Pahang! You can find the best foods here in Pahang. Best food in Pahang : Gulai tempoyak ikan patin, Gulai asam rong, Ikan bakar petai, Paceri nanas, Nasi kebuli, Curry mee, Satar, Murtabak mengkasar, Puding DiRaja and Cendol air putih

Click here to find out more

18 Tempat makanan menarik di Pahang

18 Tempat makanan menarik di Pahang

Pahang memang terkenal dengan makanan masakan ikan sungai. Antara tempat makan menarik di Pahang yang anda mesti cuba adalah Restoran Hyderabad, Mee calong Warung Paya Beserah, Mee Calong Joe Beserah, T'jantek Art and Bistro Jalan Besar Kuantan, The Panaderia, Restoran Edde, Inderasempurna dan Gelora Steak House, Jalan Beserah, Kuantan

Selain itu, tempat makan menarik di Pahang adalah Burgerak Jalan Beserah, The Warunk @ Taman Gelora, Planet Curry, Brew and Butter Swiss Garden Resindences, Sara Boat Noodle, Akar Kopi, Rossa D'Western, Brother Bob Char Kuey Teow, Whims & Cat, Selera Singgang dan Hogoh De Coco Coconut Shake Temerloh. Klik di sini untuk info penuh.

beach and island in pahang

Beaches, Islands and Theme Parks in Kuantan

Herewith, we listed the beaches, islands and theme parks are in Pahang. Sepat Beach, Kuantan River Cruise, Beserah Beach Kuantan, Balok Beach Kuantan, Gambang Water Park/ Safari Park Kuantan, Teluk Chempedak Beach Kuantan, Chendor Beach Cherating, Turtle Sanctuary in Chendor Beach Cherating and Club Med Cherating.

Click here to get the information about beaches, islands and theme parks in Kuantan.

tioman island

5 Things to do in Tioman Islands

Tioman Island, measuring 38 kilometres long and 19 kilometres at its widest, is the largest in a group of the 64 volcanic islands.

5 Things to do in Tioman Islands : Scuba Diving in Tioman Islands, Snorkelling in Tioman Islands, Marine Park in Tioman Islands, Island Hoping in Tioman Islands and Diving Course in Tioman Islands. All information about tioman island are all here. Click to find more!

the royal pahang billfish international challenge

2 Famous beaches at Rompin

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge is an annual off-shore fishing competition under the auspices of the Pahang State Government. It is jointly organized by Tioman Development Authority and the Pahang office of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, in collaboration with the Malaysian Angling Association.

2 Famous beaches at Rompin are Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal, Rompin and Lanjut Beach, Rompin, Pahang. Kindly click this section for more..

cameron highlands pahang

Best Destination in Pahang Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland is Malaysia's premier hill resort is located on the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia. 9 Places must visit in Cameron Highlands : Tea Plantation & Factories, Mossy Forest, Brinchang Mountain, Kea Farm, Mardi Agro Tech Park Cameron Highlands, Hutan Lipur Parit, Golfing at Cameron Highlands and Sam Poh Temple Cameron Highlands

6 Best Parks you must visit in Cameron Highlands are : Strawberry Park Cameron Highlands, Butterfly Farm, Honey Bee Farm, Rose Garden, Cactus Center, Flower Nurseries. Others are Farms & Nurseries, List of Rose Garden, List of Cactus Garden and Top 10 things to do in Cameron Highlands. Best Hotel in Cameron Highlands and Best Food in Cameron Highlands. All about Cameron Highland are here. Kindly click here for more information

genting highland

Best Destination in Pahang Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands Pahang This section will give you complete information about Genting Highland. The info are Genting Highlands and its hotel and resort, Genting Skyway, SkyCasino Genting, Orchid Farm, Genting Highlands Theme Park, Genting Highland Cable Car, Genting Highland Mall, Genting Group, Genting Cruise Line, Genting Malaysia etc.

Fraser's Hill Bukit Fraser Pahang Malaysia

Best Destination in Pahang Genting Highlands

Frasers Hill / Bukit Fraser Pahang is one of the top destination in Pahang adjacent to Selangor border. This section will bring you the best information about Fraser's Hill / Bukit Fraser like history of Bukit Fraser, best hotel in Bukit Fraser and things to do in Fraser's Hill as well as attraction in Fraser Hill.

Bukit Tinggi Malaysia

Best Destination in Pahang Genting Highlands

Frasers Hill / Bukit Fraser Pahang

Sarapan pagi di Temerloh

8 Sarapan pagi di Temerloh Yang Anda Mesti Try

Sarapan pagi di Temerloh Pahang- Azhar Restaurant Nasi Lemak Sotong dan Warong Kak Za Nasi Dagang

Kedai Makan Best di Kuantan

64 Kedai Makan Best di Kuantan

64 Kedai Makan Best di Kuantan yang anda mesti try jika ke Kuantan. Warong Paksu Maksu Kg Peramu

Best Affordable Hotel in Kuantan Pahang Malaysia

20 Hotel Terbaik di Kuantan

20 Hotel Terbaik di Kuantan iaitu Hotel Grand Darul Makmur, Swiss Garden Kuantan, Hotel Mandurah (Jalan Beserah) etc.

Pahang FA | Persatuan Bola Sepak Pahang Football Club

Pahang FA Football Club

All info about your favorite soocer club in Malaysia - Pahang FA Football Club. Stadium Darulmakmur info, current players and coach etc. Kelab Bola Sepak Pahang) is a Malaysia professional football club based in Kuantan, Get all information about this legendary successful club in Malaysia here!

Fishing in Pahang Malaysia

Fishing and Rafting in Pahang River

Pahang river (Sungai Pahang) is one of the best fishing ground in the state. There are many different species of fresh water fishes as well as (Udang Galah) fresh water prawn, Patin, Kerai, Temelian, Tengalan and Kaloi to name s few. Peoples from outside, come to Temerloh to go fishing in the river. Some just come for the day, some pitch up tent for the night with their friends. This activity happen all year round especially during dry season between March – October. Click here for more detail about fishing and rafting in Sungai Pahang

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