Pantai Sepat Beach in Kuantan Pahang

Pantai Sepat Beach in Kuantan Pahang

Pantai Sepat Beach is one of the best beaches in Kuantan. Activities like fishing, camping, visit Tanjung Sepat, Village stay at Sepat Beach Resort etc. Read here for more information about attractions and destinations in Malaysia such as historical building, island and beach, hotel, food, caves in Malaysia and more. We provide the best and useful information for local tourist and abroad to get to know Malaysia. This is the one and only website for you.

Pantai Sepat Beach in Kuantan Pahang Summary

  • Attraction: Pantai Sepat Beach in Kuantan Pahang
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Beach in Malaysia

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About Pantai Sepat / Sepat Beach

Just 10 kilometers south of Kuantan is Sepat Beach, a stretch of over 10 kilometers of white sandy beach that is poised to develop into a major weekend destination. A popular spot among campers, the beach is set amidst traditional fishing villages. Along the beach, you can see monkeys picking coconuts on the trees. It is common for villagers to use their monkeys to pick coconuts. Usually, monkeys are trained for weeks to help their owner with this little task.

When you reach Tanjung Sepat village, you will find that the place is serene and tranquil, a typical Malay fishing village. The houses are far between each other, separated by coconut trees and woods. Fishing boats can be seen far out in the sea and some boats tied along the beach.

Activities you can do in Sepat Beach

Activities: Fishing, Gardening, Camping, Playing Kite. Homestay Program (019 – 918 5127)

Activities you can do are fishing, gardening, camping and playing kite. You can enjoy the surroundings and relax yourself during your stay here.

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Pantai Sepat is a straight stretch of sand and sea in Kuantan. It’s a lovely beach located by the roadside at the Tanjung Lumpur side of Kuantan. Travelling over the bridge to Tanjung Lumpur, drive straight past the Yayasan Pahang building. The next left turn at a junction is the road to take you past Sungai Soi. A few more kilometers and the beach will materialize on your left-hand side.

Pantai Sepat is literally by the roadside. It sits in jungle-type land with many old wooden houses in the vicinity and herds of cows grazing on the grass or taking a lie down under a shady tree. Young boys on bicycles cycled on the wrong side of the road in front of our car.


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Pantai Terbaik di Kuantan

Jom singgah ke Pantai Sepat Kuantan Pahang. Untuk mandi manda pun boleh. Airnya cantik sesuai untuk picnic seisi keluarga.

Mohd Razi Mokhtar


Pantai Sepat Terbaik

Tatkala bersama keluarga pergi berkelah dan mandi manda di pantai sepat ini memang sesuatu pengalaman yang best.

Rosnani Nasir


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