5 Best Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package

pulau tioman snorkelling
Things To Do in Pulau Tioman Snorkelling

Get the latest information and promotion for Pulau Tioman Snorkeling packages from The Barat Tioman, Aman Tioman Beach Resort, Paya Beach Resort and Swiss Cottage Tioman and Tioman Cabana.

pulau tioman snorkelling

Pulau Tioman Snorkeling Package : The Barat Tioman

Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package from The Barat Tioman. Hidden within Pulau Tioman’s tropical rainforests you can spot macaques, black giant squirrels, and various bird species which feed on local fruits. During the day, giant Asian water monitor lizards surface in search of food while colourful snakes and agamid lizards that resemble small dinosaurs play hide and seek among large tree trunks. At night, watch out as slow lorises, brush-tailed porcupines, civets, and mouse deers come to life as you listen to the sound of katydids and cicadas fill the air.

Pulau Tioman’s duty-free status is another attraction as tourists can buy chocolates, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes at duty free prices. Click here for The Barat Tioman Snorkelling Package for low season and peak season

aman tioman snorkeling package

Pulau Tioman Snorkeling Package : Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package from Aman Tioman Beach Resort. Aman Tioman Resort is nestled at an idyllic location along a pristine beach of sandy beach with the clearest of blue water. The luxurious Aman Tioman Resort may well be the crowning jewel of Pulau Tioman. Guests at our resort enjoy the ultimate relaxation with incredible views, a picture-perfect Golden sandy beach.

paya beach resort snorkeling

Pulau Tioman Snorkeling Package : Paya Beach Resort

Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package from Paya Beach Resort. Experience the exhilarating feeling that Tioman Snorkeling offers. Snorkeling in Tioman Island is as exciting as it gets, and it all begins with a familiarization session at the resort's snorkeling pool, followed by a brief presentation at the Movie Room, and a guided eco walk through Tioman Island Resort's rock falls. Click here for more info

swiss cottage snorkeling

Pulau Tioman Snorkeling Package : Swiss Cottage Tioman

Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package from Swiss Cottage Tioman Tioman Island is a fantastic destination for snorkeling. The Shallow reefs that surround the island are ideal because you can just swim off the beach and the reef is right there no boat necessary. The Tekek beach house reef is one of the best on the island and is a favoured snorkel site for both seasoned local freedivers and beginners.

Rent snorkeling equipment and boat trip prices from Rengis Island, Fishing trip, Island Trip etc. Click here

snorkeling in tioman cabana

Pulau Tioman Snorkeling Package : Tioman Cabana

Things To Do In Pulau Tioman Snorkelling Package from Tioman Cabana Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club - Looking for a best snorkeling in Tioman Island? Visit Tulai or Coral Island, snorkel at Batu Malang? Click for more


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The best Pulau Tioman Snorkeling package are from :

  1. The Barat Tioman
  2. Aman Tioman Beach Resort
  3. Paya Beach Resort
  4. Swiss Cottage Tioman
  5. Tioman Cabana.

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