Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands | 3 Best Tourist Attractions

cactus garden cameron highlands
Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands Best Tourist Attractions are Cactus Valley and Cactus Point. Most variety of cactus plants, some as old as 70 years.

cactus valley cameron highlands

Best Tourist Attractions : Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands

Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands : Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands . Located in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Cactus Valley is one of the biggest and most popular tourist destination located here. The valley boast of having one of the most variety of cactus plants, some as old as 60 years.

Besides that, you will find other types of plants like fuchsia, camellias, glory bush, coleus and the very popular, roses. Fruits and vegetables like strawberries, apples and passion fruits, tomatoes and vegetables are available for purchase as well. Click here for more info about Cactus Jack

cactus point brinchang pahang

Best Tourist Attractions : Cactus Point Brinchang Tanah Rata

Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands is one of the major tourists attraction in Cameron Highland. It is the combination of garden, farm and nursery.Cactus Point boast of having one of the most variety of cactus plants, some as old as 70 years. Hydroponics method of cultivation crops such as tomatoes, strawberry and others being practiced. Click here for more information

30 Best Attractions in Cameron Highlands are Rich Flora Strawberry Centre, Blue Valley Flowers Farm, Step In, Low Seok Ie Vegetable & Flower Nursery, Water Crest Valley, Cameron Highlands Orchids & Roses Garden, Green Farm, Fragrance Nursery, Unc Sam Farm, Multicrops Central Market, Goodwill Flower Enterprise, Valder Mega Floriculture Centre, Green View Garden, Low Orchid Garden, Fong Huat Nursery, Agro-Technology Agro Mardi, Taman Agro Al-Mashoor, Glory 78, Cactus Point ( Brinchang ), Cactus Valley ( Brinchang ), Rose Valley, Rose Centre, List of Rose Garden, Rose Centre Cameron Highlands, Rose Valley, Orchid & Rose Garden, Cactus Point, Cactus Valley


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The Cactus Garden Cameron Highlands are :

  1. Cactus Valley
  2. Cactus Point

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