Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Get Information for Cactus Valley Cameron Highland is one of the biggest and Brinchang attraction tourist destination located here. See cactus plants aged 60 years old from various resources

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  • Attraction: Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Attraction in Malaysia

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Located in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Cactus Valley is one of the biggest and most popular tourist destination located here. The valley boasts of having one of the most varieties of cactus plants, some as old as 60 years.

Cactus Valley also has the most comprehensive variety of plants and foliage including roses, calla lily impatiens, fuchsia, ananas, camellia, hibiscus, rhododendron, bird of paradise, glory bush, clivia miniata, peaches, hippeastrum, geranium, coleus, gerbera, oncidium and many other. Varieties of apple trees, passion fruit plants are also cultivated here. These items planted here are also available for sale.

The bulk of the C&S plants form an impressive collection. There is also a retail section. Most specimens are grown in pots. Strawberries, tomatoes and vegetables are also grown in the vicinity.

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Cactus Valley is one of the major tourists’ attractions in Cameron Highland. It is the combination of garden, farm and nursery. Cactus Valley is also an active agricultural and botanical industry in Cameron Highland. Variety of plants and foliage including roses, calla lily fuchsia and fruit plants like apple and passion fruits are cultivated and planted.

At A Glance

The Cactus Valley in Brinchang is perhaps one of the most popular places to visit if you are interested to learn more about this unique plant. Open to the public from 8.00am to 6.00pm daily, it is actually one of the top tourist attractions of Cameron Highlands.

It is believed that this nursery, which is built along a valley has the most cactus plant anywhere else of which some dates back to 60 years old.

Beautiful Cactus Garden

As you approach the nursery, you will notice its rustic and traditional signage which tells you that this is a truly popular place. Admission to the park is RM4 for adults and RM2 for children where you will surely get your money’s worth for all that you see here. Apart from viewing the beautifully lined-up cactus plants, you can buy some and take home with you too.

There are so many types of cactus species here which come in different shapes and sizes, some of which are never seen before in other parts of the country.

Besides that, you will find other types of plants like fuchsia, camellias, glory bush, coleus and the very popular, roses. Fruits and vegetables like strawberries, apples and passion fruits, tomatoes and vegetables are available for purchase as well.


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OPENING HOURS: 8.00am – 6.00pm daily

ADMISSION FEE RM4 for adult and RM2 for children.

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Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands - Brinchang Attractions

Cactus Valley is a botanical show garden nestled on a hill slope overlooking Brinchang town center, featuring a large collection of cacti, flowers and ornamental plants of various shapes, colours and sizes. The park can be reached quicky on foot from anywhere in Brinchang town. If following the main road, turn left immediately after Star Regency Hotel (the Brinchang night market site will be opposite the hotel).

Follow the road until you see the signboard at right to Cactus Valley or Big Red Strawberry Farm; a quick but steep uphill climb later and the entrance pops to view. Open daily from 8am to 6pm, tickets are MYR5 per adult and MYR2 for children.


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