Port Dickson Outdoor Activities Things to do in PD

Port Dickson Outdoor Activities Things to do in PD

What are the best things to do in Port Dickson Malaysia? According to Lexis PD, you can experience outdoor activities like segway fun ride, mini cars, bicycle ride, volleyball, horseback riding, yoyo car, beach soccer, archery, crazy cart, rolling car, Zorb soccer, fishing or crabbing etc. You may also do a private tour, bandwagon ride, motorboat rides, deep-sea fishing, personal watercraft (Jet Ski) and banana boat. Read here for more information.

Port Dickson Outdoor Activities Things to do in PD Summary

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Port Dickson Outdoor Activities Things to do in PD

Segway Fun Ride

Segway Fun Ride or (TwoWheeler) Ninebot is an amazing transportation tool that makes moving about much more fun and effortless, as you’re able to drive and control it simply through your body’s balancing.

Mini Cars

Mini Cars The battery-operated mini cars are designed to run on concrete, asphalt or any smooth surface tracks.


Beach volleyball is played on a sand court divided by a net. Each team can consist of 2 or more players trying to send the ball over the net and ground it on the opponent’s court.

Bicycle Ride @ Port Dickson Outdoor Activities

There’s no better way to discover the resort and its beautiful seaside landscape than to hop on a bicycle and go for a two-wheeled adventure.

Horseback Riding

Discover the thrill of riding on the back of a horse while it trots and canters along the sandy beach. Enjoy the feeling of warm sea breeze in your hair as you ride towards the sunset.

Beach Soccer

Beach soccer in Port Dickson is one of the best things to do in PD. A game of agility, accuracy and skills, beach soccer is a variant of association football played on a beach or some form of sand.

Tandem Bike Ride

The tandem bicycle is a form of bicycle designed to be ridden by more than one person.

Yoyo Car

Guests are guaranteed to have plenty of laughs on this coin-operated amusement ride.

Port Dickson’s Archery

Archery is one of the oldest sports still practiced today.

The Crazy Cart in Port Dickson

The crazy cart is extremely fun to ride, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll find it very easy to get started. You’ll be driving, spinning and drifting along the tracks in no time!

Rolling Car

The 360° rolling car is exhilarating yet easy to control as it rotates around in all directions as you like.


Fishing and crabbing in Port Dickson Beach are fun and enjoyable pastimes that teach us to be more patient while waiting for the catch to bite.

Motorboat Rides

Take a motorboat ride to PD waterfront to enjoy the view of Port Dickson’s natural seascape from a different viewpoint.

Deep-Sea Fishing at Port Dickson

Charter a boat and head for the big blue for several hours of deep-sea fishing and bring home a sizeable catch of unique fishes that would excite even the most avid fishing enthusiasts. Special speedboat service is available to bring you out to sea where you’ll be able to cast your line and wait for bigger pelagic fish to bite. Choose between a three-hour fishing trip and an eight-hour fishing trip, the later comes with a light meal while you wait to reel in your prize catch. All the boats are equipped with standard safety gears and can fit up to five pax per trip.

Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski)

Move through the waters in high speed and enjoy a fun adrenaline rush. The high-speed watercraft can be an extremely thrilling way to surf through the waves and enjoy the sun.

Banana Boat

Seeking for a thrilling water ride over the waves? You should definitely try hanging on tight to our banana boat and get towed around Port Dickson’s beautiful waters.

Private Tour

Book a private tour to Pulau Burung, a tiny island connected to the beautiful Pantai Cahaya Negeri by a 182m bridge. The interesting thing is that, you will be able to just walk over to the island at low tide!

Port Dickson Outdoor Activities | 12 Best Things To Do in PD – Segway Fun Ride, Mini Cars, Bicycle Ride, Volleyball, Horseback Riding, Yoyo Car, Beach Soccer, Archery, Crazy Cart, Rolling Car, Zorb Soccer, Fishing/Crabbing etc. Private Tour, Bandwagon Ride, Motorboat Rides, Deep-Sea Fishing, Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) and Banana Boat.

Occasionally, there’s rain to cool down the weather and relieve the heat. But fret not; we can assure you that the rain won’t cause you to take a rain check for your plans as KL still offers ease of mobility via our covered walkways and pavements.​

More Port Dickson Outdoor Activities Things to do in PD

Any seaside vacation wouldn’t be complete without some exhilarating time under the sun. Lexis Port Dickson has a wide selection of outdoor activities prepared just for you. Apart from the stunning landscaped swimming pool where you may take a few refreshing laps, there’s also a dedicated children’s pool and gazebo for you to have some wholesome family fun time. Guests who want to go home with a beautiful tan can also sunbath by the pool side as there are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs to go around. Bicycle rental, horseback riding, various outdoor games, as well as fishing and crabbing activities are also available for guests to choose from at Lexis Port Dickson.

The white sandy stretch beside the tower block is ideal for beach soccer, volleyball, inflatable rock climbing as well as team building exercises. Our team of recreation personnel is ever ready to assist you in arranging a series of exciting activities such as treasure hunt, archery, giant snake & ladder, and Segway Personal Transporter on the resort grounds.

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