Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia Bentong Adventure

Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia Bentong Adventure

Bentong is one of the best natures and adventure because that is where Taman Negara located. Oriiginal Tropical Rain Forest, undisturbed since 130 million years ago. Read here for more information about Malaysia’s food, island and beach, historical buildings, beautiful mosque and shopping mall, cave and more. Visit us frequently to get the latest information about our beloved country. We hope this information will benefit you to explore Malaysia as your dream and ideal destination.

Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia Bentong Adventure
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
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Best Nature in Pahang Malaysia Bentong Adventure

Chamang Waterfalls

Chamang Waterfalls is located about 16 kilometers from the town, off the trunk road of Bentong – Raub. Fed by the rivers, which begin at the Titiwangsa Range, Chamang Waterfalls is an ideal spot for family picnics. Public toilets, food stalls, parking lots, camping sites are available for visitors.

Suria Hot Springs

Suria Hot Springs is a popular place to visit in Pahang Malaysia. This delightful retreat is located approximately 69 km north of Kuala Lumpur and about 01 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur via the Gombak – Karak Highway. The dissolved minerals in the waters are said to be the most therapeutic for the body. Surrounded by lust mountain greenery, the springs are an excellent place to soak and relax. Contact: 603 -78064752, Fax: 603 -78064753 or Email:

Lentang Forest Recreation Park

Many visitors say that Lentang Forest Recreation Park is the best place to visit, and it takes 0nly at kilometer 48 of the Kuala Lumpur – Karak Highway. The Lentang Forest reserve provides excellent camping sites for holiday makers and is an ideal place for both a relaxing and educational outing for families. The park boasts an auboreturn where trees and plants are cultivated for scientific and medical research.

More Nature to Explore

Mempaga Homestay

Mempaga Homestay is located about 34 kilometers from Bentong and 10 kilometers from Karak. Homestay Felda Mempaga provides important equipment for visitors along the homestay program. Contact: 6013 – 223 3543 for more information.

Bentong Happy Farm

Bentong Happy Farm (BHF) is an outdoor adventure campsite located on a farm. Established in 2017, the campsite provides various types of outdoor activities such as Personal challenges, Team building activities, Extreme sports, hands-on Farm experience, and Night activities. All activities are guided by experienced instructors. Accommodation for overnight stay and meeting facilities are available as well.

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There are many places to visit in Pahang for nature lover and tourist. You are encouraged to visit Chamang Waterfalls, Suria Hot Springs, Lentang Forest Recreation Park, Mempaga Homestay and Bentong Happy Farm.

Lentang Forest is located about 32 kilometers from Bentong, near KL – Karak Highways. There are many facilities such as more parking lots and available for camping sites to visitors. Contact: 609 – 222 1039.

This district of Pahang is situated about 48 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. It is a small but busy town, whose prosperity is derived from the thriving rubber and timber industries. A bend of the old and the new, it offers many fine examples of pre-war architecture along its street. There are many attractions draw you here.

There are many places to visit for nature lover and tourist.

  1. Chamang Waterfalls
  2. Suria Hot Springs
  3. Lentang Forest Recreation Park
  4. Mempaga Homestay
  5. Bentong Happy Farm

Activities you can do here are Kayaking, Archery, Stand Up Paddling, Ninja Warrior, Extreme Activities, River Tubing, Rock climbing, Field Game, 8ft Wall, Raft Building, Survivor Race.