Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands Malaysia

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Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Mountain in Malaysia

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Favorite Hiking at Mount Jasar / Gunung Jasar Cameron Highlands

Gunung Jasar and Gunung Perdah are two moderate hikes close to Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. The starting point near the Oly Apartments is only 1km from the Tanah Rata bus station. The land mark to look out for is the tower and the “SELAMAT DATANG” greetings which welcomes you just before Tanah Rata town.

There is even a signboard showing the direction to the Jasar trek near the “SELAMAT DATANG” greetings. However, beyond the sign board, we could only see the Oly Apartments. We walked to the Oly Apartments and around the Oly Apartments but couldn’t find any starting any trail.

Beyond the Oly Apartments, lies a private garden and we were unsure whether to proceed. Luckily for us, one of the gardeners saw our hesitation at the gates and told us that we can go through the gardens and that the beginning of the Jasar trek lies beyond the private garden.

We proceed past the gates, through a nicely matured garden and up cemented steps. Beyond the cemented steps, we found the beginning of the Jasar Trek. From the starting point, it was jungle trekking throughout. The trek is moderate and can be easily completed by anyone who has some form of routine workouts.It was an interesting walk, rich with all types of fauna like the vibrant red coloured ginger plants which covered the forest floor.

Here are the quicks info about Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

  • Height: 5564 feets (1696 meters)
  • Location: Cameron Highland (Pahang)
  • Usually, it takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours ascent and 50 minutes descent
  • Distance: about 1.8 KM
  • GPS Coordinate: N4.47813 E101.36100

Getting To Mount Jasar:

  • From Tanah Rata town towards Tapah
  • Just after bypass the right junction to Carnation Apartment
  • You could see the signboard “Oly Apartment” on your right
  • Park your car at the Oly Apartment
  • The trail head just after the “Tan’s Camellia Garden” (N4.47248 E101.37027)

The Eastern Slope of Mount Jasar Cameron Highlands

After an hour of hiking, we reached a clearing on the Eastern slope of Gunung Jasar. We are not at the peak yet but we have a beautiful 180 degrees view of the mountain ranges in the distance, the town of Ringlet and the Bharat tea plantation.

Up ahead is the main electric grid which is built on the Eastern slope of Gunung Jasar. This is where we saw John, a Canadian train driver, waving at us from a clearing behind the main electric grid. John was coming down from the peak and told us to proceed up where he came down from in order to get to the peak. We chatted a while and told John that we wanted to proceed to Gunung Perdah after reaching the peak of Jasar.

We followed John’s directions and in 5 minutes, I proudly laid my first step on the peak of Gunung Jasar at 5,565 feet, a top 100 mountain in Malaysia. Standing solemnly and waiting patiently at the peak of Jasar was Mr. Wong, a butterfly catcher. We found out that Mr. Wong has been up on the peak of Jasar almost weekly for past ten years waiting and hoping to catch an elusive yellow coloured female butterfly. He has the entire collection of this particular species except for the female.

It was mind boggling for me. Mr. Wong spends about 5 hours each time he goes butterfly catching. Imagine he does it about 40 times a year, 5 hours each time for 10 years? Mr. Wong would have spent 2,000 hours waiting for this Madame butterfly. From the peak of Mount Jasar, we could see Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) and Mount Irau is the highest mountain within the Cameron Highlands region. We truly enjoyed the clear blue skies at the Mount Jasar Peak.


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Hiking Gunung Jasar di Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands OrangAsliYoutuber

Selamat datang ke Iriah Dhom channel. Channel ini memaparkan content2 berkaitan dengan aktiviti aku dan aktiviti berkaitan dengan bangsa aku sendiri, bangsa Orang Asli suku kaum Semai. Hari tu Gunung Terbakar, kali ni aku akan Hiking Gunung Jasar di Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands untuk mencari pengalaman dalam dunia Hiking.

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Mount Jasar: Cameron Highlands | Canon 200D/SL2

Gunung Jasar is one of many different gunung (mountains) in Cameron Highlands. Around 1 hour of hike and 40 minutes of descent. Rain made our hike a bit slow than usually, but we made it. This is our trip on last April 2018.

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2. DJI Phantom 4

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