Tsunami Monument in Kedah

Tsunami Monument in Kedah

Did you know that Tsunami Monument is built to commemorate a natural disaster in Malaysia especially in Kota Kota Muda Kedah Darul Aman? Read here for more information about historical building in Malaysia. We have all information about our beloved country to you.

Tsunami Monument in Kedah Summary

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Tsunami Monument in Kedah

The Tsunami Monument was built to commemorate the tsunami tragedy which hit Kuala Muda Kedah on December 26th, 2004. This architecture was built using the 26 fishermen damaged boats from that tragedy, which reflects the date of December 26th, and it was built in such a way as during the tragedy of fishing boats overlap between each other.

After a massive earthquake in Acheh, Indonesia, Malaysia experiences a tsunami in Penang Island and Kedah. This is the first time Malaysia facing this tragedy.

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Next to this tsunami monument, there is a fenced area that houses were destroyed due to huge waves during the tsunami struck this village. Most of the houses in the coastal namely Kampung Sungai Muda and Kampung Tepi Sungai were destroyed. Now the empty houses have become the memorial for the visitors.

According to the local residents who saw the incident, the giant waves from the first wave measuring about 2.5 meter and second wave at 8 meters rolled over to Kota Kuala Muda. Only 60 houses along the shoreline still stand during tsunami disaster.

*Credit: mpspk.gov.my

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