Top 5 Best Things to Do in Perak Malaysia

Top 5 Things To Do In Perak Malaysia

What are the top 5 things to do in Perak Malaysia? Coined as the Land of Grace, Perak Darul Ridzuan, the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is a land famed for its natural tropical beauty and rich cultural history. Tracking back to the years of the British colonial period, this state was forged from tin mining and rubber tree plantations, the remains of which are still visible today.

Today, Perak continues to be a charming state bustling with vibrant people, who warmly welcome all its visitors attracted by the rustic charm of old colonial buildings that have been preserved and repurposed to fit today’s lifestyle. For those looking for natural wonders, Blessed with white sandy beaches and amazing underwater treasures. Then there is its crown treasure, the magnificent caves that date back thousands of years and natural rainforests are even older, going back to millions of years. It is offering a journey of mystery, excitement and luxury awaits you with open arms.

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Perak Malaysia Summary

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Top 5 Best Things to Do in Perak Malaysia

Memory Lane Pasar Karat Loken (Vintage Market)

Memory Lane Pasar Karat Loken (Vintage Market) “Reminiscing memories at Pasar Loken”- that is the phrase that is often been spoken by the visitors of this market. It is located at Jalan Horley, Kampung Jawa, Ipoh (Gerbang memory Lane). This market operates every Sunday from 7am to 11am. There are various vintage item and rare clothes can be found here with reasonable price. Click here for more information about Memory Lane Pasar Karat Loken (Vintage Market).

Theme Park

There are several theme parks in Perak, which is Lost World of Tambun and Movie Animation Park Studio (MAPS) are among the best and famous theme park you can find here. Each theme park will give different experience that cannot be forgotten. Follow this link to get more information about Lost World of Tambun, theme park in Malaysia.

Yes. Here we conclude top 5 things to do while you are visiting Perak. Based on Tourism Malaysia and trusted sources.

  1. Pasar Karat Loken (Vintage Market)
  2. Theme Park
  3. Heritage Trail
  4. Cafe and Foods
  5. Ipoh HoHo Bus

More Top 5 Best Things to Do in Perak Malaysia

Heritage Trail Ipoh

Tourist should not miss the opportunity to visit heritage buildings around the city of Ipoh which is certainty beautiful with its colonial-era architecture. The buildings are including Ipoh Town Hall, Concubine Lane, Ipoh Old Town, Ipoh Railway Station and many more! For more info about Heritage Trail please click here.

“Food Hunting” and “Cafe Hunting”. Cafe and Foods

“Food Hunting” and “Cafe Hunting” is a term that tourist often use when visiting Ipoh. This is because there is various cafe that have hipster decor besides serving delicious food. Some of the cafes are Thumbs Cafe, Plan B, Bits & Bob, Jose & Deli and Burps & Giggles. Click here for more info about this information.

Ipoh HoHo Bus / Perak Hop On Hop Off

Ipoh HoHo Bus Hop on Hop off bus is the latest product of Tourism Perak in a way to promote tourism places in Ipoh. This bus travel to 13 checkpoints in Ipoh while people can enjoy the pictures’ view of Ipoh. This bus operates on Saturday & Sunday from 8.30am to 9.45pm. Visitor can buy the one all day ticket. Please click here for more information.


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