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temerloh attraction

Temerloh Attraction | Nature in Pahang. Visit Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary, Gunung Senyum, Deerland, Pekan Sehari, Homestay, Fishing and Rafting in Sungai Pahang

kuala gandah elephant sanctuary

Temerloh Attraction : Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary

Here in Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary many orphaned elephants are raised and given shelter. Not long after tourists found out about the elephant shelter the town quickly evolved into a popular tourist attraction. Kuala Gandah (Lanchang) is probably the best place on Peninsular Malaysia to come face to face with an elephant. Click this section for more information about Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (elephant conservation center)

gunung senyum

Temerloh Attraction : Gunung Senyum Temerloh

The park is a part of the Jengka Forest Reserve, which covers an area of 794 hectares. Surrounded by oil palm plantations of the Jengka Felda scheme, there are two main mountains within the park, Gunung Senyum and Gunong Jebak Puyoh, the former being a popular spot to tourist and researchers. Click here for more information about Gunung Senyum

gaur rehabilitation centre jenderak

Temerloh Attraction : Krau Wildlife Reserve Pahang & Gaur Rehabilitation

The seladang is Malaysia's second largest land mammals after the elephants. Shy but sociable by nature, the seladangs used to roam freely in the Rain Forest where lowland river valleys are their preferred grazing grounds. However, logging coupled with the extensive opening of lands for agriculture and housing forced the seladang to abandon their natural habitats.

Krau Wildlife Reserve Pahang is the biggest wildlife reserve the Malaysian Peninsular and was established in 1923 with an area of 55, 159 hectares. Click here for detail

deerland park

Temerloh Attraction : Deerland Park Lanchang Pahang

Deerland Park Lanchang Pahang is located in a natural rainforest just a stone throw away from Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Krau Wildlife Reserve at Bukit Rengit Lanchang, Pahang.

Feed the animals, appreciate what nature have to to offer. Click here for more information about Deerland Park Lanchang

pekan sehari temerloh

Temerloh Attraction : Pekan Sehari dan Kopi Wong

Di Pekan Sehari Temerloh kaya dengan sayur-sayuran kampung serta kuih-muih yang berbagai jenis. Juga terdapat pelbagai jenis ikan air tawar khususnya ikan patin yang terkenal di Temerloh. Pendek kata, semua yang dijual di sini menjadi kegemaran setiap pengunjung.

Selain patin, sayur kampung dan kuih-muih tradisional, terdapat produk lain yang sering kali menjadi tumpuan ramai di pasar pekan sehari ini iaitu kopi dikisar sendiri oleh seorang warga emas, Wong Tiang Kuang 75.

kampungstay desa murni

Temerloh Attraction : Homestay in Temerloh

Desa Murni - You can take a taxi ride or bus to Desa Murni from Temerloh or Jerantut. Rumpun Makmur - There are no bus services to Rumpun Makmur. Jengka 25 - There are no bus services to Jengka 25.

institut biodiversiti veterinar kebangsaan

Temerloh Attraction : Institut Bio-Diversiti Kebangsaan

Institut Biodiversiti Veterinar Kebangsaan is located in Rengit Hill, Lanchang Village. Visitors can get a glimpse of wildlife exhibition and museum.

Lihat sahaja pada di sekeliling kita. Kita mempunyai pelbagai jenis tumbuhan berbunga, pakis, pokok yang gah, serangga, burung, ikan dan haiwan serta habitat mereka yang unik seperti paya bakau, sungai, tanah tinggi dan kawasan pantai. Air yang kita minum, udara yang kita hirup dan pakaian yang kita pakai, semuanya datang daripada alam semula jadi serta daripada proses yang kompleks serta perkhidmatan daripada alam semula jadi yang membantu mengekalkan kehidupan di bumi.

Fishing in Pahang Malaysia

Temerloh Attraction : Fishing and Rafting in the Pahang River

Pahang river is one of the best fishing ground in the state. There are many different species of fresh water fishes as well as (Udang Galah) fresh water prawn, Patin, Kerai, Temelian, Tengalan and Kaloi to name s few. Peoples from outside, come to Temerloh to go fishing in the river. Some just come for the day, some pitch up tent for the night with their friends. This activity happen all year round especially during dry season between March – October.

Click here to find out more information about fishing and rafting in Pahang River

About Temerloh

Temerloh, the second largest town in Pahang is situated on the banks of Pahang River into which Sungai Semantan flows. It is located about 130 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. Famous for its highly-prized fresh water fish, the ‘patin’, the river is an ideal jump-off point to the routes that lead to Taman Negara and Tasik Bera.

Temerloh town sits at the confluence of the Pahang and Semantan Rivers, which is why it is rich with freshwater fish such as Patin (silver catfish), Jelawat, Baung, Tenggalan, Lampam, Belida, Tilapia and Kerai. As the home of the Patin fish, the Temerloh folks have special dishes that bring out the best taste of the fish. Located along the town’s riverside, Pekan Sehari is a place where all kinds of goods and commodities can be found and sold at a reasonable price.


Most frequent questions and answers

The best Temerloh attraction for nature and adventure in Pahang are:

  • Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary
  • Gunung Senyum
  • Deerland
  • Pekan Sehari
  • Homestay Rumpun Makmur
  • Homestay Jengka 25
  • Homestay
  • Kampungstay Desa Murni
  • Fishing and Rafting in Sungai Pahang

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