Telaga Air Hangat Village Langkawi

Telaga Air Hangat Village Langkawi

Air Hangat Village, (also spelled as Ayer Hangat) Village is a modern cultural complex located 14km north of Kuah Town, Pulau Langkawi. What activities, facilities and the story behind this hot spring? Read here for more info about the best destinations in Malaysia.

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  • Attraction: Telaga Air Hangat Village Langkawi
  • Location: Kedah Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Attraction in Malaysia

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Jacuzzi Entrance

This is the only Jacuzzi where you will get natural salted hot water. It is great for treating chronic skin diseases, removing toxins from the body, reducing pain of gout and refreshing yourself from fatigue. The Jauzzi is offered in an hourly rate (RM70 – promotional).

Saltwater Jacuzzi Entrance

Saltwater Jacuzzi Entrance, Air Hangat Village. There is foot reflexology massage available at the complex.

Admission to Air Hangat Village

Fee RM5 per adult. Children below 12 are free. Open daily from 9am to 5pm. The last entry is at 5pm. The complex remains open for one more hour thereafter. You can also contact Langkawi Tourist Information Center at 604-9667789.The complex is located 14kms north of Kuah and can be accessed from the road Jalan Air Hangat. You can easily take a taxi. Keep the taxi waiting or else you may have difficulty getting a taxi to return. There is also enough parking available in case you have a rental car.

More Telaga Air Hangat Village Langkawi

Dip your toes into soothing hot springs as you soak up wonderful views of the mountains that surround you. Located 14KM north of Kuah Town, Ayer Hangat is a modern cultural complex, and one of Langkawi’s oldest attractions.

The jewel of the attraction is the three-tiered hot springs. Natural salt water hot springs are extremely rare and are found in just three other countries around the world. The first tier is the furthest from the entrance and has the warmest water, stunning mountain views, and a gazebo roof cover. The water is rich in minerals, and it is said that it can heal a multitude of foot ailments such as skin diseases, aching joints, and gout.

How Air Hangat Village was formed?

Legend tells us that the hot springs were formed when two giants were fighting at a wedding, throwing pots, pans, and jugs at each other. A jug of boiling water fell into Air Hangat, creating the natural hot spring.

Originally the hot spring was the only attraction at Ayer Hangat, however, now the village features picturesque ponds and fountains, beautifully landscaped gardens, and soothing Jacuzzis. Not to mention the mouth-watering restaurant serving delicious Malaysian, Thai, and Indonesian dishes, the stalls selling an array of excellent gifts and souvenirs, and an area for cultural shows, Malaysian dance, kickboxing, and more. Hire a private jacuzzi in an independent unit for yourself and up to seven others. Hot salt water from the springs is pumped into the jacuzzi, removing toxins from your body, and eliminating your fatigue.

Merupakan kompleks yang mempunyai beberapa telaga air hangat tiga tingkat, secara saintifiknya adalah air pancutan dari dasar bumi. Para pengunjung berpeluang untuk mandi manda di setiap telaga air hangat, bagi tujuan kecantikan dan kesihatan diri.Secara mitosnya, telaga air hangat ini tercetus semasa pergaduhan dua gergasi iaitu Mat Raya dan Mat Chinchang mengakibatkan pertumpahan air panas yang menghasilkan mata air panas di Kawasan tersebut.

Pengunjung boleh merasai kolam air hangat yang kononnya terhasil daripada pergaduhan Mat Cincang dan Mat Raya. Selain daripada itu, para pengunjung juga boleh mempelajari cara-cara untuk membuat kraftangan daripada pakar.


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The center of the attraction here is the three-tiered hot water spring wells. Most interesting part is that it is a natural salt water hot spring which is rare and can be found only in three other countries in the world. While fresh water hot springs are common and can be seen in several places, but not the salt water hot springs.

There are several activities you can do at Air Hangat Village such as cultural shows, Malaysian dance, batik painting, kickboxing etc. There are stalls selling souvenir and gift items like trinkets, caps, bags etc. There is an on-site restaurant serving Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian dishes. They also offer take-away food. The jellyfish Satay is really nice.

There is a series of twelve Jacuzzis built in Air Hangat Village along the right-side boundary. These are independent private units and complete with toilets, baths and even a gazebo to enjoy the natural ambience. Natural hot salted water is pumped into the Jacuzzis from the spring. One unit can accommodate a family and up to 8 persons.

The story says that two giants Mat Cincang and Mat Raya got engaged into a heavy fight during the wedding of Cincang’s Son with Raya’s daughter. Raya noticed that the bride groom was eyeing another woman during the wedding reception. The brawl got so nasty that they started throwing pots, pans and jugs towards each other. It is said that a jug full of boiling hot water fell into this place. As a result, a natural hot spring has been formed here and the name to the place given as Air Hangat. ‘Air’ means ‘Water’ in Malay and ‘Hangat’ means ‘Hot’. So, Air Hangat means Hot Spring.

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P.O Box 56, km 16 Jalan Air Hangat,
07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman
Telefon: [60]4-959 1357/1358
No. Faks: [60]4-959 1246