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Get Information for Robinson Falls Cameron Highlands best waterfall in Pahang is located off Tanah Rata town accessible via jungle trail leads past Century Pines Resort from various resources

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  • Attraction: Robinson Falls Cameron Highlands Pahang
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Waterfall in Malaysia

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About The Robinson Waterfall Cameron Highlands Malaysia

The Robinson Falls is a waterfall off Tanah Rata town accessible via jungle trail. At the T-junction next to the bus station, turn right to a road that leads past Century Pines Resort and a large field. Just before the road ends, take another right turn which ends at a small row of houses; left is where a small bridge starts over a drain that leads to Robinson Falls.

The jungle walk winds for about 10 minutes before the waterfall greets you – a magnificent cascade with a strong stench caused by farming activities upstream. After a quick photo (the river is inaccesible due to the steep terrain), visitors can head back or proceed further on the jungle walk to the peak of Gunung Berembun.

Robinson Waterfalls Cameron Highlands Malaysia at a Glance

Location: Walk Path 9/9A Tanah Rata. The Robinson Falls are located in Tanah Ratah, the center of the Cameron Highlands. Only walk a number of jungle trails and one of them, no 9, leads in a short walk to this attractive waterfall.

Most waterfalls are approached from below, but for this one you start upstream in the village. The first cataract is nice, but the view is spoiled a bit by the constructions of the water treatment plant. After the fall the path keeps going down steeply. There might be more falls or cascades, but they will not be easy to reach, because the ravine is very steep. Warning: the water is quite polluted, better not swim here!

Coordinates and map-N04 27.88′ E101 23.20′ Water Source-Stream Waterfall Profile-Near Vertical Fall & Cascades


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Hiking Trail 9 of Robinson Falls at Cameron Highlands-Malaysia (September 2017)

Hiking Trail 9 of the Robinson Falls at Cameron Highlands. This is the beginning of the trail 9. It's past 6pm and this trail is notorious for its robberies where the attacker would flashed out a machete with some dogs attacking the victims. In fact, many locals and hotel staffs advised me not to take this trail. Fearing for my safety i only ventured a mere 200 meters. The terrain is very slippery and uneven, any mishaps will be fatal.

Hin Chan

I was saved by English guys in Robinson Waterfall in Cameron Highlands

During my visit to Robinson Waterfall, I got afraid on the dangerous track then I met with English travelers. We enjoyed then.

Yousuf Baloch