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This is 10 bestest food and restaurant when you are here in Perak


10 Best Halal Food in Perak

If you visit to Perak especially in Ipoh, do not miss out to try 10 of the best halal restaurant in Ipoh. Don't worry, we only provide with the recommended food and the best dishes in Ipoh. It is a must try to all of you who wish to come to Ipoh.


Nasi Ganja Ipoh

Nasi Ganja Ipoh

Exceptional Nasi Kandar!

This is an exceptional food when you arrived in Ipoh. Local people no matter what race really enjoy the lovely nasi kandar here in Ipoh. It's called Nasi Ganja. Sound strange isn't? But why people do call this restaurant as nasi ganja?

Nasi Ganja Ipoh

(this is the restaurant from front view. Don't be afraid because this is halal food inside)

This rice or ingredient is not against the authority but this is a word that desribe how addicted the nasi kandar could be when you eat at the first time. You will sure to try again and again!

Rest assure this is the best Nasi Kandar food and most camparable (on par) with some famous nasi kandar in Penang!

Nasi Ganja Ipoh

From the people that we've interviewed, some of them is a loyal customer for 30 years!

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 4 June 2019

Huge, Huge portion

Came to try the famous nasi ganja as everyone seems to recommend it.

It was a corner shoplot on a busy street, and was full of people wanting to try the delicious food.

But service was quick, and the price was reasonable. And the food was so, so good! And the portions were HUGE!

A bit spicy, so probably not suitable for small children.

Must try whenever you visit Ipoh.

Reviewed 13 May 2019 via mobile

a must-stop lunch fix in ipoh

wenever heading north from KL, we will surely drop by here for our nasi ganja fix. it is a simple nasi kandar (rice) with fried chicken, beef, seafood and served with salted eggs & generous curries (yes, lots of curry). if you're not into nasi kandar, choose from the menu of chinese kopitiam where the nasi kandar stall sits in. i would suggest the kaya & egg toast, white coffee and its signature caramel custard pudding.

How to get here?

Jalan Yang Kalsom

Ipoh 30250, Malaysia

(just waze "nasi ganja ipoh")

Phone: +60 5-254 4316

Mee Kicap Mat Jasak

Mee Kicap Mat Jasak

The location to Mee Kicap Mat Jasak is not very far from Nasi Ganja Ipoh. If you are driving by car, uou need to pass another 2 traffic light after you found Nasi Ganja Ipoh and then turn right. The restaurant is just located on your left road side (it is one way street).

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 11 August 2019 via mobile

Street Food Mee

At a corner in Ipoh town. Lots of people, I was very lucky. It is halal. I tried the curry mee noodle. It comes with hot curry and Ipoh style ingredients - tofu, fishball and fishcake. Will try mee kicap next round.

Reviewed 2 January 2018 via mobile

Mee Kicap Daud Mat Jasak

The best Malay mee kicap & Mee Kari ive ever tasted..the soup is very light like chinese style curry mee..they serve kuey tiau kerang too

How to get here?

Mee Kicap Mat Jasak

Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar

30300, Ipoh, Malaysia

Pakeeza Restaurant

Pakeeza Restaurant

Must try! You will gonna love it!

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 19 June 2018

A fantastic Northern Indian food in Ipoh!

I've dine-in there twice and both of my dining experience was superb. The menu is extensive and varied. The waiter will be there to explain the if some of the meal is new to me at that time also he will give a recommendation on what to order for the first timer. The service also very fast.

The food was delicious. It is as good as what people claim it to be. I love the Naan, Keema, Lamb Briyani, Chappati and their Palak Paneer.

Also, it is halal. As for the price, I think it is affordable because you will definitely leave the restaurant with a heavy stomach. The ambience is very cozy and clean. A very suitable place to have a family gathering. A must go for sure.

Reviewed 9 April 2018

Excellent Pakistani food

A bit on the expensive family restaurant. But they serve excellent biryani, beautiful curry and puffy poori. Book especially on weekend because they are always full.

Contact Pakeeza Restaurat

Pakeeza Restaurat

15-17,Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Telefon: 05-241 4243
Operation Hours: Today 11:00am - 10:00pm
Monday- Friday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Nasi Vanggey

nasi vanggeh

if not mistaken, Nasi Vanggeh has three (3) outlets in Perak which located at station 18 and Greentown, Ipoh and one more at Bandar Baru Tambun. You can also order your nasi kandar Nasi Vanggeh via Foodpanda apps.

The best food is definitely its nasi kandar with fried chicken, salty eggs and coconut sambal as shown on the above picture.

You may also try the Ice chocolate blended with vanilla ice cream and Hersey's chocolate as topping in hot scorching heat.

Contact Nasi Vanggeh

Nasi Vanggeh

2 Jalan Yang Kalsom | Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh 30300, Perak, Malaysia

Tel: +60 5-254 4314

Business Hour: For Nasi Vanggeh Greentown Ipoh: 7am-4am

Restaurant Albayt Alyamani

Restaurant Albayt Alyamani

Restaurant Albayt Alyamani serves Arabian food. You can also enjoy their various tea flavours and different types of rice when you eat at this shop.

How to reach there?


Restaurant Albayt Alyamani

3, Jalan Labrooy

30100 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Phone:+60 5-506 0508

Restoran Simpang Tiga (Medan-Ipoh)

Restoran Simpang Tiga (Medan-Ipoh)

Serving Nasi Padang as main dishes. Padang Rice is a symbol of culinary cuisine and is very popular in Sumatra, Indonesia. Now, you can enjoy the uniqueness of Pandag Rice at this restaurant.

You can enjoy your delicious Padang Rice using Foodpanda apps. Download your foodpanda apps via google play or apple apps store

Restoran Simpang Tiga (Medan-Ipoh)

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 5 August 2019

Alternatives other than nasi ganja,vanggey or kandar while in Ipoh.

Me and hubby were in Ipoh to service our bike at the bmw service centre. Hubby didn't want to eat the nasi ganja or nasi vanggey like the norm or synonym with Ipoh. We decided to try this nasi padang restaurant.

They offer varieties of dish. We tried their beef rendang ,paru goreng,ikan masin(salted fish) ,masak lemak pucuk ubi,sotong sambal and of course sambal hijau. Overall was delicious and I loved the beef rendang. I would recommend this place if you are not really into curry or the usual packed place while in Ipoh.

Reviewed 11 September 2018

For the Hot and Spicy tastebuds

A popular restaurant in Ipoh town. Well known for Nasi Padang delicacies and a favourite for those looking for a satisfying lunch. You will be spoilt for choices as there were rows and rows of Padang dishes like 'rendang' and 'sambal'... however, service was a bit slow and the prices were quite expensive. Nevertheless, it has a nice ambience and most of the dishes have the authentic taste which could compensate the high pricing. It is worth trying.

Locate Simpang Tiga Restaurant

Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said

Ipoh 30450, Malaysia

Tel: +60 5-255 1220

Hadramout Paradise

Hadramout Paradise

You can either visit the restaurant (having here at the restaurant) or order on-line via Foodpanda. Download your foodpanda apps via google play or apple play store

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 29 July 2017 via mobile

Best of the best

The Lamb Fahsah is a must to try Tasty Haneeth and Madhgood And you have try the Adany Tea The place doesn't seem that much but the food was above my expectations.
Date of visit: July 2017

Reviewed 13 April 2017 via mobile

Very tasty

Good services​ and delecius food.. good choice for family or couple.. nice environment.. and reasonable price
Date of visit: April 2017

Reviewed 16 March 2017

Will return

Food portion was big and the pricing is of good value. Had the chicken briyani rice and baked fish - 2 thumbs up for the rice however the fish was slightly undercooked. Would suggest to invite a few friends / family when dine in as most of the items are really proportionally large and excellent for sharing. Another added advantage to this restaurant is the ample space parking area - one less issue to worry about.

Contact Restaurant

Hadramout Paradise

51 Jalan Lim Bo Seng

30300, Ipoh, Malaysia

Restaurant Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung

Restaurant Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 3 May 2019 via mobile

Noisy, poor service, average food

The restaurant is loud and quite busy (we went on a weekday around 9pm). The staff are not very helpful and very brisk with their service. There is a Wide variety of menu items, most priced very reasonably. I ordered their village style nasi lemak which was about 8.50RM. Rice was tasty, amount of peanuts and anchovies was sad and chicken was on the dry side. Also ordered their ice tea (with milk) which was tasty and only about 3RM. My boyfriend also ordered one of their nasi lemak dishes, and his chicken was only room temperature when he got it. Overall not the best restaurant, but seems to be super popular among the locals. If you need a late night meal (most places close by 7pm-9pm in Ipoh) this wouldn't be a terrible option.

Reviewed 5 August 2018

Yummylicious Ayam Kampung

The nasi lemak ayam kampung was.not bad at all. Price was less than RM10 per plate. However the nasi lemak is too little so 1 is not enough. I tried the nasi lemak sambal sotong too. They have other foods too such as tomyam or seafoods or even fried rice. Try the coconut shake, nor bad at all for coconut lover.

Reviewed 9 January 2018 via mobile

Nasi lemak kg style

Nasi lemak steam like nasi kukus All type of sambal like sambal kerang sambal sotong Belut also they have For me 1 rice not enough must order two rice.. Hehehe

Contact the Restaurant

43-45a Jalan Ali Pitchay

Ipoh 30250, Malaysia
Tel: +60 5-254 4318

Restoran Mee Udang & Ketam Sempoi Diraja

Restoran Mee Udang & Ketam Sempoi Diraja


Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 9 May 2019

Delicious Mee Udang

Delicious mee udang and nasi goreng udang. Never miss to come here whenever we are in Ipoh. The restaurant is a bit far from town but the trip is worth it. The price is very reasonable.

Reviewed 31 December 2018

Seafood Galore!

Big crabs, must try...Dinner with family at this restaurant, Staff were quite friendly. Pricey but worth the freshness of the prawns and crabs.

Reviewed 11 November 2016 via mobile

Superb dining place for the family

The place closes it premises at 12 midnight. We came at 11pm and they welcome us. The team was friendly and ready to take the orders.

All the dishes they recomended was superb. It was better then expected. Price was so reasonable. It was worth the trip.
You will not regret the experience!

Contact Restoran Mee Udang Diraja

No 51 Jalan Sungai Choh 10 | Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh 31150, Malaysia

Phone number: N/A

Nasi Ayam Puziah Bazar Bulat

Nasi Ayam Puziah Bazar Bulat

Well, if you come to Ipoh and don't know what to eat. Try to eat in a very simple dishes. Rice and chicken ! Thats a Nasi Ayam. And you can enjoy some delicious nasi ayam in Ipoh. This is a famous chicken rice shop in Ipoh.

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 20 November 2017 via mobile

The best chicken rice

Definitely will come again, chicken is well cooked and crispy and muchhh nicer than tcrs. We ordered extra portion of chicken just for my 5 yo daughter.

Date of visit: November 2017

Reviewed 29 April 2017

Best Malay Ayam in Ipoh

The best Malay Nasi Ayam in Ipoh. I have been going here since I was small and they have been moving shops for the last 30 years. Off course they used to be much better those days.
Date of visit: April 2017

Reviewed 16 October 2016

Best chicken rice & teh tarik in town

I took the steamed chicken, it's tender while the rice is really aromatic...not overly oily & the soup accompanying the rice should not be overlook. Try out the congee as well..the tea tarik was good, in the end tapau another one home
Date of visit: September 2016

Contact Us

Jalan Mustapa Al-Bakri, Ipoh 30300, Malaysia
Phone: N/A

Restoran M Salim

Restoran M Salim

You will surely arrive because the location of the restaurant is very easy to find.

m salim

Tripadvisor User Review

Reviewed 13 February 2019 via mobile

Wide menu choice, friendly service

We stopped here for a simple dinner. There are a few outlets all operating out of the same space, which we found a little confusing at first, but a friendly waiter helped us out and explained the options to us.

My husband had been pining for chicken murtabak, so he ordered two!! I went for simple egg roti, which came with Dahl and chicken curry sauce, which was so good I ordered another! The food was really cheap.

The restaurant was clean and tidy and there is a hand wash area out front.

We loved it so much we planned to go back again, but sadly didn't have time.

Reviewed 17 September 2018 via mobile

Nasi kandar

At first we want to try the other famous nasi ganja, but the queue was long and it was raining, so we end up here since it's just at the end of the same block.

Parkings a lot near here as it's a corner lot.

The interior also was nice, and the food was good.

Price also reasonable too (we had fried chicken, big slice of chicken curry using ayam kampung and white rice, ice tea and salim coffee and the total just rm20).

Contact M Salim Restaurant

Address: cnr Jln Che Tak & Jln Yang Kalsom | New town, Ipoh, Malaysia
Tel: +60 5-255 5786

Gomok Ipoh

Gomok Ipoh

Gomok Ipoh had it’s official opening on 1st April 2016. The creative themed restaurant brought about the name “Gomok” which means Fat in Malay. The name accompanied with an interesting tag line “Sharing is caring but I want more” which indicated that the food was enough for any hungry customer.

The restaurant serves western and local dishes in portion that will fill your belly.

Open Monday – Sunday

Lunch : 11am – 3pm
Dinner : 5pm – 11pm


Facebook Customer Review

"Yesterday Ada try menu Devil salmon sedap... but kecewa ckit menu byk bertukar. And menu air yg sy nk order dh xde Contohnya air GOMOK COOLER"

"The staff n served was the price n food is not nice.."

"I'll definitely come here again. Not only the food is good but they are presented well. Good job Team Gomok. Looking forward to try different menus in the future..."

Find us Gomok Ipoh

Gomok Ipoh

No 1, Jalan Leong Sin Nam

Ipoh, Perak

Get Directions

Call 05-241 3619

*source: tripadvisor malaysia and FB