Vip Malaysia - Food You Must Try in Pahang

1. Gulai tempoyak ikan patin


Malay cuisine features a lot of seafood, with patin fish at the forefront. One of the most famous dishes in Pahang, gulai tempoyak ikan patin consists of juicy, tender patin fish cooked in curry made of tempoyak (fermented durian).

Where: Various Malay restaurants, eateries, or food stalls in Pahang, especially in Temerloh (home of patin fish) and inland riverside areas such as Sungai Pahang.

2. Gulai asam rong

Gulai asam rong

A traditional food popular in Jerantut, Raub, Kuala Lipis, and many small villages in Pahang, asam rong is a traditional food made of processed rubber tree fruits. Gulai asam rong is first made like any normal gulai fish dish, with some asam rong added to it, giving it a sour yet slightly bitter taste.

Where: Various Malay restaurants, eateries, or food stalls in Pahang.

3. Ikan bakar petai

Ikan bakar petai

Most of us are no stranger to ikan bakar (Malay-style grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf), but you've probably haven't had it grilled together with sambal petai - a specialty combo of the East Coast. Ikan bakar petai typically uses siakap (barramundi), jenahak (golden snapper), and pari (stingray).

Where: Ana Ikan Bakar Petai and various Malay restaurants, eateries, or food stalls in Pahang.

4. Paceri nanas

Paceri nanas

Paceri nanas is a traditional dish among Pahang Malays, and is typically served in Malay weddings, festive occasions as well as formal functions. The sweet dish is usually taken with plain white rice or rice dishes such as nasi tomato, nasi kebuli, or nasi briyani as well as chicken or beef rendang.

The pineapple can also be replaced with brinjal, in which the dish will then be known as paceri terung.

Where: Various Malay restaurants, eateries, or food stalls in Pahang.

5. Nasi kebuli

Nasi kebuli

Considered a heritage dish of the Kuala Lipis district, nasi kebuli is made of rice cooked with coconut oil mixed with chicken (sometimes substituted with lamb or mutton), raisins, olives, clovers, olives, and lemongrass to give it an aromatic smell.

Where: The dish is typically served during special occasions, but you may find it in some Malay restaurants, eateries, or food stalls in Pahang.

6. Curry mee

Curry mee

Unlike Penang's version of curry mee, the curry broth in Pahang's version of curry mee is less creamy with more balanced flavours. Each bowl of curry mee comes with yellow noodles, bihun, and/or koay teow cooked in curry broth topped off with shredded steamed chicken, cockles, fish balls, fish cakes, beansprouts, and tofu puffs. In some places, you may even have the option to add yong tau foo ingredients such as beancurd, chilli, and lady's fingers stuffed with fish paste.

Where: Restoran Hoi Yin (halal). For curry mee with yong tau foo, visit Kedai Kopi Teng Haw or Chia Kee.

7. Murtabak mengkasar

Murtabak mengkasar

You can get murtabak in almost any mamak stall or restaurant in the country, so what sets murtabak mengkasar apart from the rest? For one, the eggs and minced meat (chicken or beef) are mixed with a special blend of spices - curated by the owner Pak Din himself - giving it a distinctive flavour you can't get anywhere else.

Fun fact: Pak Din's XXL murtabak is a favourite of PM Najib Razak and the Sultan of Pahang, who has had the dish served at many royal events!

Where: Murtabak Mengkasar Pak Din.

8. Durian pastries

Durian pastries

Pahang is one of Malaysia's major exporters of durian, so it's only natural to go hunting for durian-inspired foods! Famous for their durian bombs, tarts, and cakes, Yik Kee Restaurant has also begun serving durian soft serve and pancakes to appeal to the younger crowd.

Where: Yik Kee Restaurant.

9. Puding DiRaja

Puding DiRaja

Originating from the royal seat of Pekan, Puding DiRaja (Royal Pudding) was said to ahve once been reserved only for royalty. Best enjoyed cold, the pudding consists of bananas, prunes, cherries, and cashew nuts which are then dressed with jala mas, golden thread made from duck egg yolks and sugar).

Where: Sri Affa Restaurant as well as some Malay eateries (especially in Pekan) and home-based vendors.

10. Cendol air putih

Cendol air putih

Aside from soft, fluffy shaved ice topped with green cendol strands, red beans, coconut milk, and palm sugar, you can also choose to add red beans, glutinous rice, and even savoury pulut ikan (grilled glutinous rice with mashed fish filling), which is unique to the state.

Where: Cendol Air Putih.


18 Tempat makanan menarik di Pahang

Berikut disenaraikan temapt makanan yang menarik di Pahang untuk anda cuba. Pahang memang terkenal dengan makanan masakan ikan sungai.

  1. Restoran Hyderabad
    Kuantan Avenue, Lot A-23, Jalan Beserah, 25200 Kuantan
  2. Mee calong Warung Paya Beserah
  3. Mee Calong Joe, Beserah
  4. T'jantek Art and Bistro, Jalan Besar, Kuantan
  5. The Panaderia: Alamat: A-11, Ground Floor, Lorong Tun Ismail 2, Sri Dagangan 2, 25000, Kuantan
    Tel: 017-9221464 / 019-9881452
  6. Restoran Edde, Inderasempurna
    Alamat: Taman Indera Sempurna, 25150 Kuantan
    Tel: 09-5124264
  7. Gelora Steak House, Jalan Beserah, Kuantan
    Alamat: B 616 Tingkat Bawah Taman Bandar Emas Jalan Beserah (Berhampiran Tunas Manja Beserah)
    012-999 0250
  8. Burgerak, Jalan Beserah
    Alamat: Burgerak, B1927 ,Ground floor Jalan Beserah
    016-219 2442
  9. The Warunk, Taman Gelora
    Alamat: No 2 Gerai Jkkk Tanjung Api
    6 petang - 1 pagi Rabu tutup
    ☎ Tel:019-9999331
  10. Planet Curry, Lorong Kubang Buaya 49, Kuantan.
  11. Brew and Butter, Swiss Garden Resindences, Sg. Karang, Kuantan.
  12. Sara Boat Noodle, Berhadapan Gereja (Sekolah St Thomas Lama)
    Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang
    017-818 3221
  13. Akar Kopi, Jalan Besar, Kuantan
    2-8, Exit Jalan Teluk Sisek, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
    013-953 1526
  14. Rossa D'Western, Medan Feri, Tanah Putih Kuantan
  15. Brother Bob Char Kuey Teow, Jalan Tg Muhammad (Jalan Nak Pergi TC)
  16. Whims & Cat, Indera Mahkota 14
  17. Selera Singgang
    Lokasi kedai, sebaris Petronas Beserah. kalau dari arah Balok ke bandar Kuantan, kedai dia sebelah kiri.
  18. Hogoh De Coco, Coconut Shake, Temerloh