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Cameron HIghlands

Cameron HIghlands

Cameron Highland, Malaysia's premier hill resort is located on the Main Range of  Peninsular Malaysia. At 1,829 metres above sea level, Cameron Highland is the largest of all Malaysian Hill resort and has a temperature ranging from 16 degrees to 24 degrees Celcius. Much of its appeal lies in the neat sprawling tea plantations that date back to 1929, as well as the terraced flower farms, strawberry farms and vegetable garden.

Cameron HIghlands

Cameron Highlands consists of a series of little towns that include Ringlet , Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla, and Kampung Raja. The total Population is approximately 30,000, the majority of whom are employed in agriculture and the leisure industry. The best tourist amenities can be found around Tanah Rata, the administrative center of the highland, but brinchang is fast catching up with a number of hotels, service apartments and restaurants.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's premier hill resort, is located on the Main Range Peninsular Malaysia. At 1,829 metres above sea level, Cameron Highlands is the largest of all Malaysian Hill resorts and has a temperature ranging from 16 degrees celcius to 24 degrees celcius. Much of its appeal lies in the neat sprawling tea plantations that date back to 1929, as well as the terraced flower farms, strawberry farms and vegetable garden.

Cameron Highlands consists of series of little towns that include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. The total population is approximately 30,000 the majority of whom are employed in agriculture and the leisure industry. The best tourist amenities can be found around Tanah Rata, the administrative center of the highlands, but Brinchang is fast catching up with a number of hotels, service apartments and restaurants.

9 Places must visit in Cameron Highlands

1. Tea Plantation & Factories 

Boh Tea Center and Sungai Palas Plantation

You can visit Boh Tea Center and Sungai Palas Plantation. It is operated by Malaysia's largest tea company. Tours available to visit their tea factory.They provide interactive educational studio, a retail outlet, and a nice cafe. Stunning vistas of rolling hills amidst a carefully tendered tea plantation. The drive up the hill can be very narrow at stages, so be extra aware when drivin up. The view from the top of nearby hill at the plantation is worth the effort of climbing up. 

2. Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest

There is a boardwalk at the top of Gunung (Mount) Brinchang which takes you through the Mossy Forest. This reserve is unlike any other in Peninsular Malaysia: its base is covered with a thick carpet of moss. Most of the trees here have remained untouched for centuries. 

3. Brinchang Mountain

Brinchang Mountain

At 6,666 feet above sea level, this is the highest point in Malaysia which is accessible by car. At the top of the mountain is a radio and television station. Close to the installation is a 15 m high “Observation Tower”.

4. Kea Farm

Kea Farm

It is located 5 kilometers from Brinchang Town. It is one of the most popular farm in Cameron Highlands and open daily. Visitors can get fresh fruits and vegetables from here. 

5. Mardi Agro Tech Park

Mardi Agro Tech Park

It is located 1 kilometers from Tanah Rata Town. Visitors can find various kind of vegetables, flowers and fruits like strawberry. They also sell products based on fruits eg : strawberry jem. 

It is open daily from 8.00 am to 5 pm, and closed on every Monday. 

Entrance fees : Adult RM 3 / Children RM 1.50

Contact : 605 - 491 1255 / 605 - 491 2319

6. Hutan Lipur Parit

Hutan Lipur Parit

 It is located 250 meters from Taman Sedia, suitable for picnic, swimming and nature appreaciation.

Contact : 6016 - 972 0699

7. Homestay Program

 They provide a homestay program at Taman Sedia, 2 kilometers from Tanah Rata Town, towards Brinchang. You can spend relaxing leisure time with traditional Malay families, while visiting their fruits and vegetable farms.

Contact : 6016 - 972 0699

8. Golfing

cameron highlands golf course

This is a beautiful although quite challenging 18-hole course with tricky greens and terrain. Like most of Malaysia however, it could benefit from cleaning up some of the garbage in certain areas, such as the steams. If you require them, a pretty decent range of golf clubs are available to hire for RM70 at the club house.

9. Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple

6 Best Parks you must visit in Cameron Highlands

There are many farms in Cameron Highlands that you can visit .

The must visit park in Cameron Highlands:

  • Strawberry Park
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Honey Bee Farm
  • Rose Garden
  • Cactus Center
  • Flower Nurseries

Farms & Nurseries

List of farms and nurseries in Cameron Highlands

  • Rich Flora Strawberry Centre
  • Blue Valley Flowers Farm
  • Step In
  • Low Seok Ie Vegetable & Flower Nursery
  • Water Crest Valley
  • Cameron Highlands Orchids & Roses Garden
  • Green Farm
  • Fragrance Nursery
  • Unc Sam Farm
  • Multicrops Central Market
  • Goodwill Flower Enterprise
  • Valder Mega Floriculture Centre
  • Green View Garden
  • Low Orchid Garden
  • Fong Huat Nursery
  • Agro-Technology Agro Mardi
  • Taman Agro Al-Mashoor
  • Glory 78
  • Cactus Point ( Brinchang )
  • Cactus Valley ( Brinchang )
  • Rose Valley
  • Rose Centre

List of Rose Garden

  • Rose Centre Cameron Highlands
  • Rose Valley
  • Orchid & Rose Garden

List of Cactus Garden to visit in Cameron Highlands

  • Cactus Point
  • Cactus Valley



Top 10 things to do in Cameron Highlands

The cool, crisp air and lush, green vegetation in Cameron Highlands makes it a popular highland getaway in Malaysia.
Visitors can learn about the natural surroundings, go for walks or simple enjoy the beautiful landscape in this sprawling hill station. In fact, with an area of 71,000ha, Cameron Highlands has a lot offer.
Here are the Top 10 activities you can experience or indulge in, when you're in Cameron Highlands:

1. Boh Tea plantation

No Cameron Highlands visit will be complete without a visit to the Boh Tea plantation. The tea company was founded in 1929 and covers three plantations or tea gardens as they are known. These are Fairlie Tea Garden, Habu Tea Garden (which was the first garden) and the Sungai Palas Tea Garden. The travel across these plantations offer views that are breathtaking, as visitors make their way through rolling hills on narrow hillside roads.

The Sungai Palas Tea Centre offers visitors a chance to learn about how tea is processed and packaged in a guided factory tour, finishing off with a nice pit stop at their cafe to enjoy a variety of teas and cakes.
To enter the Sungai Palas plantation, visitors have to take the lane near the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm in Brinchang, which is the same route visitors use towards Gunung Brinchang. The tea centre operates from 9am to 4pm and is closed on Mondays.

2. Jungle walks

Nature lovers and walking enthusiasts can take advantage of the hilly terrain and tracks to enjoy Cameron Highland's natural beauty. This hill station offers walks of varying difficulties, with some being a casual stroll while others are more strenuous. Some of these tracks take you into the jungle and offer views of the misty mountains. The tracks are marked 1 to 10, with a range of difficulties, from climbing Gunung Brinchang or crossing Gunung Beremban.
An easy one is Track 5 or Path 5 where you can walk through the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institution and head on the road towards Tanah Rata. Visitors are advised to speak to a local guide on the current situation of walking tracks before embarking on a walk alone, as some trails may be close due to bad weather.
Those keen on doing strenuous hikes are also told to bring sufficient equipment like torchlights, warm clothing and water, and to not leave without informing a guide or hotel staff as the tracks may be more difficult to tackle than expected. Locals often talk about the mysterious disappearance of American entrepreneur Jim Thompson during a hike in 1967. Even local guides and Orang Asli trackers - who know the terrain like the back of their hands - failed to find him.

3. Farms

Cameron Highland's cool temperatures are conducive to plant a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Farms are located across the highlands' main towns, starting from Ringlet right up to Brinchang. Visitors are encouraged to head to Tringkap or Kuala Terla to have a look at the larger vegetable farms which grow crops like cabbage, cauliflower and spinach. Cameron Highlands also boasts large strawberry farms, so be sure to stop by the Big Red Strawberry Farm, also known as Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands to hand-pick strawberries or enjoy some freshly made strawberry ice-cream.
This beautiful hill station also offers travellers a chance to explore flower farms, located in the Bertam Valley, Kampung Raja, the Blue Valley and Habu area. Many varieties of daisies, roses and chrysanthemums thrive in this environment.

4. Steamboat cuisine

Although not originally from Cameron Highlands, the Chinese Steamboat has caught on at the hill station and visitors can choose from the dozens of restaurants that offer this cuisine, loosely based on the fondue concept. Patrons get meat, vegetables and noodles to be dipped into a boiling pot filled with stock or spicy Tom Yam soup.

5. Temples

Those who want to learn more about the culture and practices of people living in Cameron Highlands, can opt to stop by the Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, in Brinchang. This temple sits on a hill overlooking Brinchang and offers patrons a good view of the town. It was built in 1972 and houses a large Buddha statue. Another temple is the Sri Thandayuthapani Swamy Temple, a colourful Hindu temple visited often by the tea-picking communities in the highlands.

6. Markets

Markets anywhere in the world are a pleasure to visit. The ones in Cameron Highlands consist of two types, the Pasar Pagi (Morning Market) and the Pasar Malam (Night Market). The morning market is located in the centre of the Kea Farm town and operates daily from 8am. The night market is situated in Brinchang, and sets up at about 3pm till late. Visitors can buy just about anything in these markets, from fruits to gifts and souvenirs.

7. Butterfly farm

Families and nature lovers can enjoy the butterfly farm where several species of this colourful insect live. It is essentially a garden built on a hill slope, and known to be one of the older tourist attractions in the area. The Butterfly Farm is located close to the famous Kea Farm, about 3km from Brinchang. Among the highlights of this farm are free-flying butterflies, a tortoise pen and a mini insectarium. Open daily, tickets are between RM2 and RM5, with a free guided tour when available.

8. Bee Farm

A not-too-distant cousin from the butterfly attraction, is the bee farm. There are several farms of this sort in the area, in Ringlet, Tringkap and Kea Farm. Watch how local honey is cultivated and learn to appreciate the role of bees in balancing the ecosystem from the exhibitions at the farms. Don't forget to sample the various types of honey available.

9. Waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls are often part and parcel of lush hilly terrains and mountainous regions. There are several waterfalls in the area, one of which is on the way to the highlands, if visitors are travelling from Tapah. This is the Lata Iskandar waterfall, a popular picnic spot and a pit stop for drivers and passengers to stretch their legs and enjoy cool, fresh air. Two other famous waterfalls are the Parit Falls, located off Trail 4, and Robinson Waterfalls which hikers can get to from Trail 9.

10. Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley boasts a large variety of cactuses, some as old as 60 years. Patrons who are curious about the cactus can explore the colourful spiky plants, which come in all shapes and sizes. Located on a hillside area close to Brinchang, the farm also cultivates a range of flowers, apple trees and passion fruit plants.



Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, just 54 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur is a fairly recent hill development. Its concept is very different from the other hill resorts. Perched on 2,000 meters above sea level along the Pahang - Selangor border, Genting Highlands offers an exciting range of activities that are fun, fast - paced and entertaining. Themed as a City of Entertainment, the resort is popular with day trippers and visitors seeking to indulge in a realm of fantasy around the clock.

Genting Highlands was founded in 1965. Over the years, a wide range of entertainment,leisure recreational and sporting facilities as well as hotels, condominiums, apartments and camping facilities, were added. The resort comprises attractions at different elevations. At the peak lies the Genting Theme Park and Casino de Genting, while lower down at around 1,000 meters above sea level is the Awana Golf Course, a cable car terminal, a horse ranch and an eco-park.

13 Fun Activities in Genting Highlands

Here is the list of fun activities you must do in Genting Highlands

  • Skyways Cable Car Ride
  • Eco-Sports
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Abseilin
  • Mountain Biking
  • Horse Riding
  • Golfing
  • Eating Out
  • After Dark Activities
  • Indoor Theme Park
  • Outdoor Theme Park
  • Adventureland-Repley's Believe It Or Not
  • An Entertainment City In The Clouds

Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi is a small town in Bentong district of Pahang, Malaysia. This small town is located along Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway, notable for its famous restaurants that lure visitors coming from Genting Highlands. The town theme was based on a village called Colmar Tropicale in France.
Bukit Tinggi is located 55 minutes from Kuala Lumpur(54.3 km) and lies 800 meter above sea level. The temperature of town is between 22 and 26° Celsius.

Notable attractions

  • Berjaya Hills Resort
  • Colmar Tropicale
  • Bukit Tinggi Golf and Country Club
  • Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden
  • Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Farm



Bukit Tinggi

5 Interesting Places To Visit In Bukit Tinggi

  • 1. Rabbit Farms
  • 2. Japanese Village - A Touch Of Zen
  • 3. Colmar Tropicale
  • 4. Animal Park
  • 5. Adventure Park

Bukit Tinggi

Santai bersama anak-anak di Bukit Tinggi - daytrip ringkas tapi berbaloi!

Bukit Tinggi

Alhamdulillah, di kesempatan cuti sekolah bulan Ogos yang lepas, kami berpeluang membawa anak-anak bersiar-siar di satu tarikan yang terletak tidak begitu jauh dari Kuala Lumpur. Destinasi yang dimaksudkan ialah Bukit Tinggi, Pahang Darul Makmur.

Menjadikan konsep perkampungan Perancis sebagai tarikan utama, Bukit Tinggi menawarkan lokasi percutian menarik sesuai sebagai tempat anda merehatkan fikiran bersama keluarga. Dengan lokasi hanya kira-kira sejam berkenderaan dari Kuala Lumpur, memang tak hairan jika tarikan ini sentiasa menjadi tumpuan hampir setiap hujung minggu.

Disebabkan kami sebenarnya hanya singgah sebentar sebelum ke destinasi seterusnya, kami jadikan kunjungan ini sebagai daytrip. Cukuplah sekadar melihat-lihat kelainan yang disediakan. Namun, jika anda lebih suka untuk merasai suasana bermalam di 'perkampungan Perancis' di sini, anda boleh sahaja menempah dari pelbagai jenis bilik penginapan mengikut kesesuaian percutian anda.

1. Entrance ke Bukit Tinggi

Jika anda bercadang untuk ke sini, jangan lupa untuk menyediakan wang untuk bayaran masuk yang dikenakan di pondok pengawal semasa perjalanan naik. Bayaran yang dikenakan adalah sebanyak RM15 untuk dewasa dan RM8 untuk kanak-kanak berumur dari 4 hingga 12 tahun. Bayaran ini merangkumi entrance fee ke Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village dan Botanical Garden. Setiap pengunjung, samada menginap di hotel ataupun tidak, dimestikan untuk membayar entrance fee ini. Walaubagaimanapun, untuk tetamu hotel, bayaran masuk ini akan dikembalikan apabila anda pulang kelak.

Memandangkan kami memilih untuk tidak menginap, waktu lawatan ke sini hanya terbuka dari pukul 8 pagi hingga 8.30 malam. Disebabkan ketika itu musim cuti persekolahan, kami bertolak agak awal dengan harapan dapat bersiar-siar dengan lebih tenang sebelum semakin ramai pengunjung tiba.

Kami tiba kira-kira pukul 9 lebih. Walaupun ketika itu pengunjung sudah mula tiba, namun, suasana masih tidak sesak. Ditambah pula dengan kedinginan angin di waktu pagi, bagi kami waktu tersebut sememangnya ideal untuk meluangkan masa bersiar-siar bersama anak-anak.

2. Colmar Tropicale

Tempat pertama yang kami tuju tentulah tarikan utama di Bukit Tinggi iaitu Colmar Tropicale. Struktur bangunan 'perkampungan' ini sebenarnya diilhamkan daripada bangunan abad ke-16 Colmar Town yang terletak di bahagian Timur Laut Alsace, Perancis.

Sebaik melangkah masuk ke 'perkampungan' ini, kami tertarik melihat keunikan senibina bangunan di sini. Jika tidak kerana bendera Jalur Gemilang yang dikibarkan sempena sambutan kemerdekaan, mungkin kami terlupa bahawa kami masih berada di Malaysia.

Dari luar, kami boleh melihat bangunan ini dijaga dengan baik walaupun usianya sudah menghampiri dua dekad. Cat warna-warni yang digunakan terutama di bahagian dinding dan tingkap-tingkap berjaya memberi mood yang ceria. Memang tidak dinafikan ada sesetengah bahagian yang mungkin kelihatan sedikit dated, namun bagi kami, keadaan itu tidak mencacatkan perkampungan ini secara keseluruhannya. Walaubagaimanapun, apa yang kami lihat hanya dari luar dan sudah tentu tidak adil untuk kami mengatakan apa-apa tentang keadaan dalam bangunan yang dijadikan bilik-bilik penginapan.

Sejujurnya, perkampungan Colmar Tropicale ini tidak besar. Kami tidak memerlukan masa yang lama untuk membawa anak-anak bersiar-siar di keseluruhan kawasan ini, termasuklah di bahagian belakang yang dijadikan garden yang menarik. Jika anda mahu, anda juga boleh ke observation tower untuk pemandangan indah perkampungan ini. Selain seronok bebas ke sana ke mari, anak-anak kami turut tertarik dengan kehadiran tiga ekor swan jinak yang boleh dilihat secara dekat.

Selain keunikan bangunan yang menjadi ikon Bukit Tinggi, Colmar Tropicale turut menyediakan pilihan 8 restoran untuk anda menjamu selera. Selain itu, terdapat beberapa aktiviti ringkas seperti game arcade, 6D Motion Picture dan archery disediakan untuk hiburan sekeluarga.

Sepanjang kami di sini, kami melihat kebanyakan pengunjung hanya meluangkan masa bersiar-siar dan makan di restoran. Kawasan permainan kelihatan lengang. Mungkin kerana pada waktu tersebut hari masih agak awal menjadikan aktiviti-aktiviti tersebut belum dikunjungi.

Memandangkan langit sudah mula mendung, kami tidak menunggu stage performance yang dijadualkan bermula sekitar tengah hari. Kami ingin ke tempat-tempat lain di sekitar Bukit Tinggi sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke destinasi seterusnya pada hari tersebut.

Sebelum keluar, kami boleh melihat semakin ramai pelawat mengunjungi 'perkampungan' ini. Rata-rata, mungkin kerana keunikan suasana yang ditawarkan, anak-anak seronok meluangkan masa di Colmar Tropicale walau hanya sekadar bersiar-siar. Bagi kami, tarikan ini sememangnya unik. Mungkin jika berpeluang, kami boleh merasa suasana malam di sini di lain waktu, insya-Allah.

3. Japanese Village


Alang-alang berada di Bukit Tinggi menikmati suasana 'perkampungan Perancis', kami tidak melepaskan peluang untuk ke 'perkampungan Jepun' pula yang berada kurang daripada 10 minit berkenderaan dari Colmar Tropicale.

Untuk ke Japanese Village, pengunjung boleh memilih untuk memandu kenderaan sendiri ataupun menunggu shuttle yang disediakan di Colmar Tropicale. Kami memilih untuk memandu sendiri untuk masa yang lebih fleksibel.

Japanese Village terletak di paras bukit yang lebih tinggi berbanding Colmar Tropicale. Sampai sahaja di tempat parking yang juga merupakan tempat shuttle menurunkan penumpang, kami dapat melihat laluan seterusnya yang memerlukan pengunjung berjalan kaki mendaki tangga dan bukit ke sana. Walaupun cuaca tidak begitu panas, anak-anak, terutamanya yang masih kecil nampak kepenatan dan mula minta untuk didukung. Mengah juga dibuatnya. Bukan itu sahaja, malah, terasa kasihan juga melihat pengunjung-pengunjung yang agak berusia keletihan, namun dalam masa yang sama kagum melihat mereka masih berusaha meneruskan perjalanan.

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan mendaki tersebut terbayar dengan suasana tenang dan indah di perkampungan Jepun. Seperti juga Colmar Tropicale, kawasan Japanese Village ini tidaklah besar. Aktiviti yang ditawarkan lebih kepada bersiar-siar dan bergambar berlatarbelakangkan lanskap yang menarik. Elemen tumbuh-tumbuhan, air dan ikan koi sememangnya sesuai sebagai tempat merehatkan minda.

Kehadiran pondok-pondok yang direkabentuk seperti rumah tradisional Jepun menambahkan keunikan perkampungan ini. Jika anak-anak suka bergambar, anda boleh menyewa kimono pada harga RM20 seorang dan bergambar di dalam pondok-pondok dan kawasan sekitar. Selain itu, dengan bayaran tambahan, anda boleh memanjakan diri di spa atau sedikit-sebanyak mempelajari budaya masyarakat Jepun dengan menyertai Japanese Tea Ceremony. Bayaran yang dikenakan untuk Japanese Tea Ceremony adalah RM28 seorang. Pastikan anda menyemak jadual untuk mengetahui waktu upacara jika berminat.

Ketika di sini, cuaca tidak begitu menyebelahi kami. Hujan mulai turun semasa kami meluangkan masa di sini, sekaligus memendekkan masa lawatan kami di Japanese Village. Disebabkan itu juga, kami tidak dapat meneruskan lawatan ke Botanical Garden yang terletak berdekatan dengan Japanese Village.

4. Animal Park

Sebelum pulang, kami membawa anak-anak singgah sebentar di Animal Park. Jika Japanese Village terletak kurang sepuluh minit berkenderaan mendaki bukit dari Colmar Tropicale, Animal Park pula terletak kurang sepuluh minit berkenderaan menuruni bukit dari Colmar Tropicale.

Animal Park di Bukit Tinggi ini lebih berkonsepkan sebuah petting zoo. Kawasannya tidak begitu luas dan hanya mempunyai beberapa jenis haiwan seperti arnab, rusa dan guinea pig. Selain haiwan-haiwan jinak, taman ini juga menyediakan indoor playpen dan playground untuk kanak-kanak meluangkan masa. Tiket masuk yang dikenakan adalah RM4 setiap pengunjung berusia 2 tahun ke atas.

Beberapa ekor rusa jinak dibiarkan berkeliaran di kawasan taman ini termasuklah di outdoor playground. Walaupun secara peribadi saya merasakan idea ini menarik untuk membiasakan kanak-kanak mendekati dunia haiwan, kebanyakan pengunjung kanak-kanak pula mungkin merasakan sebaliknya. Kami melihat hanya seorang dua sahaja kanak-kanak yang berada di outdoor playground untuk mendekati rusa yang berkeliaran. Kanak-kanak lain, terutamanya yang kecil lebih selesa bermain di indoor playpen sungguhpun playpen tersebut kelihatan agak suram. Anak kami sendiri yang berada di usia pra-persekolahan membatalkan hasrat ingin bermain di outdoor playground tersebut apabila didekati rusa. Hhmmm... perlu lebih membiasakannya untuk lebih mesra haiwan.
Jika tidak ramai kanak-kanak memilih untuk mendekati rusa yang berkeliaran, lain pula halnya dengan arnab. Haiwan kecil ini menjadi tumpuan kebanyakan pengunjung kanak-kanak di sini. Mereka kelihatan gembira menyentuh, membelai, mendukung dan memberi makanan kepada arnab-arnab ini. Makanan untuk arnab boleh dibeli daripada staff yang menjaga taman ini.

Selain mendekati haiwan-haiwan ini, Animal Park juga menawarkan aktiviti pony ride pada harga RM10 seorang. Secara peribadi, saya merasakan disebabkan kawasan dan haiwan yang terhad, Animal Park ini lebih sesuai sebagai tarikan untuk kanak-kanak terutamanya yang masih kecil dan di usia pra-persekolahan. Walaupun kawasan yang disediakan kecil, kanak-kanak leka bermain dan mendekati arnab yang jinak di sini.

5. Lain-lain

Untuk mereka yang lebih gemarkan aktiviti mencabar, anda boleh ke Adventure Park yang menyediakan aktiviti seperti flying fox (RM85 seorang), canopy walk (RM32 seorang), wall climbing (RM41 seorang) dan paintball (RM96 seorang). Pastikan anda memakai pakaian dan kasut yang sesuai jika ingin ke sini. Selain itu, pihak Colmar Tropicale juga menyediakan ATV ride bermula daripada RM50 seorang dan horse trail ride bermula daripada RM90 seorang.

Memandangkan tujuan kami ke sini semata-mata sebagai tempat persinggahan untuk bersiar-siar dan bersantai bersama anak-anak sebelum bergegas ke destinasi seterusnya, kami tidak ke Adventure Park. Namun, jika anda berkunjung bersama anak-anak di usia remaja, aktiviti di Adventrue Park boleh menjadi satu tarikan yang tidak dilupakan oleh mereka. Jika berminat, pastikan anda menghubungi pihak Colmar Tropicale atau bertanya di kaunter yang disediakan di perkampungan Perancis memandangkan sesetengah aktiviti ini memerlukan anda melakukan tempahan terlebih dahulu.



Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is perhaps the prettiest of all hill resorts in Malaysia. Nestling at 1,524 meters above sea level on the majestic Titiwangsa Range, it is about one and a half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This charming little hideaway with a population of about 1,000 is not unlike a quiet Scottish village. Granite mock-Tudor cottages sit amidst the brilliantly-colored blooms of an English-style garden. Most of these bungalows are private residences but some have been converted into holiday bungalows for visitors. They enable visitors to enjoy a country-style holiday in a cool, refreshing ambience, where avenings bring along swirling mists to descend upon the little hamlet while cold winds breeze though the lofty pine trees.

Fraser's Hill takes its name after a Scottish adventurer, Louis James Fraser who set up a tin ore trading station in the forested mountains on the Pahang - Selangor border. In later years, Bishop Ferguson-Davie mounted a search for Fraser but could not find him. Instead, the potential of hills as a cool getaway was discovered.

Little Hamlet

Life in the little hamlet of Fraser's Hill revolve around the market square dominated by a small clock tower, the most photographed object in this highland retreat. Picturesque colonial-style buildings have found new uses as the post office, police station, a clinic, a tourist information centre, cafes and restaurants. For the bird lovers, there is also a Bird Interpretive Centre at the sport complex. Though equipped with adequate visitor amenities, development at this resort hideaway has been careful to preserve the environment. Thus, visitors are assured of Fraser's Hills' original charms.

The Little England Of Malaysia

Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is perhaps the prettiest of all hill resorts in Malaysia. Nestling at 1524 meters above sea level on the majestic Titiwangsa Range, it is about one and a half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This charming little hideaway with population of about 1000 is not unlike a quiet Scottish village. Granite mock-Tudor cottages sit amidst the brilliantly-colored blooms of and English-style garden. Most of these bungalows are private residences but some have been converted into holiday bungalows for visitors. They enable visitor to enjoy a country-style holiday in a cool, refreshing ambience, where evenings bring along swirling ,mists to descend upon the little hamlet while cold winds breeze through the lofty pine trees.

Fraser's Hill takes its name after a Scottish adventurer, Louis James Fraser who set up a tin ore trading station in the forested mountains on the Pahang Selangor border. In later years, Bishop Ferguson-Davie mounted a search for Fraser but could not find him. Instead, the potential of hills as a cool getaway was discovered.

Janda Baik

Janda Baik

Janda Baik, which means 'the good widow' in Malay, is most likely a tribute to a nice lady who was said to have cared for wounded and tired warriors who stopped by at the place after engaging in a war elsewhere hundreds of years ago. The place is a traditional Malay village and has become a homestay destination or tourists who visit the East Coast. Those from Kuala Lumpur flock to the place as well. As it is only half an hour's drive away and the idyllic valley offers many beautiful spots where you can rest and relax, and is farmed for flowing mounting streams and breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains.
Experience the rich legacy of Pahang. Stay in the stilted traditional Rumah Serambi with a distinctive verandah out front, where you can laze the afternoons away. Learn traditional games and indulge in local activities to add to your experience in staying in a homestay Kampung Janda Baik.

A Heaven For Nature Enthusiasts

Janda Baik

One of the most popular waterfall spots in Janda Baik is Ulu Tampit waterfall, famed for its eight cascading tiers of waterfall, with each tier offering a different experience to savor! Go on hike through the conifer forest behind Bukit Tinggi, or camp out at comfy chalets scattered around Pulau Santap where you can bring your family along for a picnic and a frolic in the river.