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nu sentral

NU Sentral - Shops, Parking, Food | 12 Best Shopping Mall

Get Information for NU Sentral - Shops, Parking, Food is shopping mall located in KL Sentral, Brickfields. Brands like Harvey Norman, Uniqlo, GSC, sushi etc. Click this section now from various resources

NU Sentral - Shops, Parking, Food Best Shopping Mall in KL from Official

nu sentral
NU Sentral is the first Malaysia’s integrated lifestyle and retail hub which optimize the changing lifestyles of Malaysian and international travellers with a captive market of over 800,000 households and a total population of over 3.6 million.
nu sentral

About NU Sentral Shopping Centre

NU Sentral Shopping Centre is positioned as the first transumer (transit consumer) lifestyle retail mall in Malaysia. It is wholly owned by Pelaburan Hartanah Berhad (PHB).

NU Sentral is the first Malaysia’s integrated lifestyle and retail hub which optimize the changing lifestyles of Malaysian and international travellers. Nu Sentral Shopping Centre promise to combine lifestyle shopping with convenience that appeals to discerning modern and urban consumers. It combines connectivity, convenience and convergence to cater to the ever-changing needs of retailers and consumers, with a captive market of over 800,000 households and a total population of over 3.6 million.

As part of Kuala Lumpur Sentral Central Business District, nothing compares with NU Sentral’s CONNECTIVITY, CONVENIENCE & CONVERGENCE.

The NU Heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL), NU Sentral connects our whole city, enhancing every facet of our lives. For the first time we have our own integrated lifestyle NU Sentral that is connected to the nations’s transit hub. NU Sentral connects seamlessly with Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur, which provides connectivity to the entire Kuala Lumpur city – to cities all across Malaysia – to Singapore – to Thailand – and many other internaltional destinations.Trains, planed, busses, expressways!

NU Sentral’s inspired location offers previously unheard of convenience and a whole new world of connectivity for over 160,000 visitors daily.

Facilities at NU Sentral

As part of our commitment to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you at NU Sentral, We offer a wide range facilities to make your visit an enjoyable one.

Our Welcoming Enviroment For You Includes :

For further assistance, kindly approach our friendly customer service officers at the Customer Services Desk located at the Ground Floor.

NU Sentral Parking Rates

Arriving by car to NU Sentral? Parking bays are conveniently located at NU Sentral basement and evalated floors.

nu sentral customer service

NU Sentral Parking Management Office

NU Sentral’s parking is managed by Semasa Parking. For more information on parking, please contact Semasa Parking at:

Contact : [+603] 2786 8273
Operation Hours : Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm

Getting Here NU Sentral

Klang Valley Transit Map

NU Sentral is located strategically at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s biggest transportation hub, KL Sentral. This means NU Sentral is easily accessible via city’s buses, KTM and LRT trains, the monorail and even express train to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

NU Sentral Customer Service

NU Sentral’s information counter is located at Ground Floor (near entrance). Our Customer Service Officers are ready to answer your queries and assist you daily from 10am – 10pm.

You may also call us at 03-2859 7177

News & Articles


Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) today commenced its ‘PIDM KL Sentral Community Outreach’ at NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral. The three-day event is the kick off for its stakeholder engagement initiatives planned for 2018 and is part of the Corporation’s efforts to ramp up public awareness and understanding of its role in the financial system and the protection systems it administers.


Tahap kesedaran orang ramai terhadap perlindungan takaful dan insurans yang diperuntukkan oleh Perbadannan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) di bawah Sistem Perlindungan Manfaat Takaful dan Insuran didapati masih rendah.

Sementara itu, PIDM menjumput orang ramai hadir ke program komuniti anjurannya yang berlangsung di Nu Sentral, disini, bermula pada Khamis selama tiga hari (25 – 27 Januari).


BAHANG semakin terasa. Anugerah Juara Lagu 32 (AJL32) bakal berlangsung pada bulan Februari nanti. Pastinya acara yang mempertaruhkan lagu-lagu terbaik sepanjang tahun ini menjadi tumpuan para peminat.

Setelah menggegarkan Nu Sentral dengan nyanyian mereka sepanjang bulan Disember tahun lalu di sesi ramah mesra pertama, 12 finalis kembali menemui peminat dengan sesi ramah mesra AJL 32 pada tahun 2018.

Food: The Gravy Factory (Nu Sentral Mall)

nu sentral
nu sentral
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nu sentral

Hello Dolls! In this post, I would like to take you to a nice restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur. It has nice food with spectacular view. Perfect for sweet and calm evening for tea with injection of romantic feel as well.

Since it’s AH birthday, I have been looking for a nice place to have dinner with him. But at the same time I want to surprise him as well. So it has to be look like nothing and simple but actually able to impress him. He is actually quite rigid and particular about everything, well most of it. So I couldn’t even pick a good present for him because he is so meticulous with every details (haha cerewet sungguh!), and he want it to be worth every penny to be spend.

So the plan to take him to a fancy place will trigger him about the surprise and for sure he will nags me for spending so much (kuat bebel). Well then, my plan is I take him to a mall and pretend it just another window shopping as usual, only then take him to have sunset dinner at The Gravy Factory, Nu Sentral.

The Gravy Factory
NU Sentral Mall
Level, 4, Jalan Stesen Sentral 3, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Number: +60 3-2276 3373
Operation Hors: 11am – 10pm
Facebook Page:
Instagram Account:

The view here is really killing me man! Super cantik, tak tipu ni, seriously cantik wey. Where else would you get this amazing view with cheaper prices. Who would’ve thought this view is just from a restaurant of a mall kan? The view absolutely stunning, the setting in the restaurant is also neat and nice. They put enough light for outdoor area. Some tables even have their own light, like ours.

So, don’t worry guys, even though it is dark you can still enjoy the dinner (tak payah risau, kot-kot lah ada binatang terbang masuk food kan) and have a pleasant conversation while able to look at each other clearly.

Service? How would I put it, it is nice, they are attentive but at the same time weren’t annoying or fussy like. They won’t be around you much or look at you strangely (if you kno what I mean), ye lah sometimes boleh rimas tengok pekerja kedai makan ni kan, dok tenung kita macam apa kan? But at the same, you don’t have to age to call them, ni lagi satu hal, sometimes certain restaurant it’s really hard to call them especially when you sit at outdoor area. I would say they stay alert, when we call them, they came straight away. I like that!

They have western foods, burgers, even for vegetarians as well! Food taste? We tried on of their signature dish, Hainanese Chicken Chop The food is delicious, the gravy is tasty. Maybe I don’t really like fried chicken chop but when I eat it with the gravy then the food taste make sense to me. Haaa! If you really like fried type chicken chop, this is recommended for you. Then, we also ordered Chocolate Moist Cake with Ice Cream, too bad, we can’t choose the ice cream but still it has good combination. I like the cake, it fluffy and moist.

nu sentral

That’s all that we tasted, because I was full before we went to the restaurant, that’s why we did not ordered more. There are many many more meals for you to try. If you try it, let me know which the best. I would definitely come here again and try other menu. Oh yeah, it is a HALAL restaurant okay. Nanti jangan tanya eh sis halal tak tu?

If you are playing with Pokemon Go! You can redeem a FREE DESSERT if you spend minimum of RM 40.00 in a receipt and show the Pokemon collection that you have. Good effort right? Unfortunately, me and AH are both not playing with Pokemon Go!, if you are why not drop by and get a dessert for free.

Happy Birthday Love, I hope you enjoy your birthday. Thank you for giving me opportunity to celebrate your birthday for the past 6 years. 6 times I celebrated your birthday already, and I hope I didn’t spoilt it in even a bit. I love you so much, I know you knew it but I am going to say it again and again. Thank you for being born. You are one of the reason why I keep stronger each day.

It will never be enough to describe how much you mean in my life and how much support you have given me. I’m glad that I finally found you. Happy 27 Birthday Ainul Hafzan.

Alright, this all for now. Any suggestions, ideas and comments are welcome. You may reach me through my email address or you can follow me at my Instagram account: @veemarissa. See ya dolls~

Contact NU Sentral

03-2859 7177

NU Sentral, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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