mossy forest cameron highlands

Mossy Forest Cameron | 8 Best Oldest Forest in Malaysia

Get Information for Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands is the oldest forest in Malaysia about 200 million years old. One of the best attraction in Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Read more from various resources

Mossy Forest Cameron | 8 Best Oldest Forest in Malaysia from News Articles

mossy forest oldest forest in Malaysia
Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands, Oldest Forest in Malaysia
The forest is damp, gloomy and chilly. Walking through it, all kinds of feelings emerge, from appreciating its beautiful landscape to feeling spooked at times. It is uncannily very quiet here, and when the wind blows, it feels as if someone is whispering behind the trees.
mossy forest oldest forest in Malaysia

About Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands, the oldest forest in Malaysia

ENTER the Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang and you will encounter an enchanted forest where thick moss hugs tree trunks from the top to the ground, complete with gnarly roots covered with lichens, ferns and orchids.

The forest is damp, gloomy and chilly. Walking through it, all kinds of feelings emerge, from appreciating its beautiful landscape to feeling spooked at times.

It is uncannily very quiet here, and when the wind blows, it feels as if someone is whispering behind the trees.

I made a trip to Cameron Highland recently to experience Mossy Forest with fellow hikers.

Overall, the hike was surreal. It is the kind of place that one would imagine as the setting for the moors of Maleficent or Fangorn Forest of the Lord of The Rings.

hiking at mossy forest cameron highlands malaysia
Hiking at Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Malaysia, The Oldest Forest In Malaysia

Mossy Forest The Oldest Forest In Malaysia Hikers

Mossy Forest, touted to be the oldest forest in Malaysia, is around 200 million years old and is a home to ancient trees.

Locals believe that the forest could have existed during the time of the dinosaurs.

Honestly, I did not know that this place existed until two weeks before this trip.

The initial plan was to visit Cameron Highlands and to go on several short hikes. But when a friend showed me photographs of this mystical-looking forest, I knew I had to go there.

Alas, just a few days before my trip, I found out that the authorities had closed several trails on Mount Brinchang and Mount Irau because of landslides.

Many hikers have come across Mossy Forest while hiking at Mount Irau and Mount Brinchang.

Mount Brinchang and Mount Irau are among seven mountains in Cameron Highlands that are more than 1, 500m high, part of the Titiwangsa Range, the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia.


Mossy Forest The Oldest Forest In Malaysia Recommended Trail

There are about 14 recommended trails to explore in these mountains.

Frustrated and with limited information on the alternatives routes to Mossy Forest, I decided to contact a local guide whom I had found on the Internet.

Sathur, who runs his own travel agency called Let’s Go Discovery, suggested that I book a morning tour of Mossy Forest which allowed visitors on the boardwalk as many trails were closed.

Whne I told him that I wanted to set foot on the centre of Mossy Forest, he recommended a private tour.

Although I was a little sceptical, I already had my mind set on making this trip happen.

Luck on our side

A day before our hike, it was raining in Cameron Highlands and this made us anxious. However, it turned out to be sunny the next day.

According to Sathur, it was quite unusual for Cameron Highlands to have such weather.

“Usually, it is dry in the morning and rainy in the evening, ” he said.

The first part of Mossy Forest we visited could be accessed by car.

The government had built a boardwalk to preserve the land as there has been an influx of tourists to the area in recent times.

Mossy Forest Entrance Fee – The Oldest Forest In Malaysia

The entry fee for a 200m walk was around RM10.

The elevated boardwalk meanders between trees, under the canopy of leaves and a 50m tall lookout tower.

Prior to starting our walk, Sathur pointed out some interesting plants in Mossy Forest, including the ones that could be used as mosquito repellents and pain relievers that smelled like “tiger balm”.

“These plants are mainly used by the native people in this mountain. Right now, it is estimated that about 400 natives in Cameron are still living the lifestyle of their ancestors while the remaining have chosen city life, ” he said.

We then move on to one of the tea plantations and Sathur reveals that he was born and raised in a tea plantation in the highlands.

“As a local, I believe it is my responsibility to protect the beauty of Cameron Highland. People laughed at me, asking why I wanted to be a kampung boy.

“For me, this place has a lot to offer but it has to be protected at the same time, ” he said.

After lunch, we moved to our second spot in Mossy Forest for a three-hour hike. The trail was located 15 minutes away from Brinchang town centre.

The trail started from a vegetable farm. After about an hour’s hike up, we reached a hilltop which looked almost like Bukit Tabur in Kuala Lumpur, where there are no tall rainforest trees in the surrounding area.

From the peak, we walked down towards a small opening that led us to another trail with one of the most beautiful scenery.

A quick check on my watch showed the temperature to be around 23° Celsius.

The air felt slightly eerie and claustrophobic at some point as the forest was dense and narrow.

“Be careful, there are a lot of snakes and some jungle cats here, ” said Sathur while walking nonchalantly deep into the forest.

At some parts of the trail, we had to walk through the intertwined tree roots that grew above the ground and crawl under tree branches.

Overall, the trail was surprisingly moderate and suitable for new hikers. The forest looked untouched.

Without a guide, we would probably have been unable to find the forest.

“There are actually a lot of spots to see Mossy Forest in Cameron Highland, but we need to protect them. Many local hikers are unable to find them because they refuse to hire a guide. This should change, ” said Sathur.

Mossy Forest The Oldest Forest In Malaysia Protecting The Forest

Protecting the forest

To protect the forest, Sathur suggested that we only walk on the cleared trail.

He explained that the Pahang State Forestry Department was taking measures to protect and rehabilitate the forest in Cameron Highlands.

He added that Mossy Forest has taken a very long time to grow and has a delicate ecosystem.

“Even as a guide, I need to be strict and limit the number of trekkers on a certain trail.”

To climb Mount Irau, one requires a permit from the Pahang State Forest Department and approval could take up to a few weeks.

There are not more than 100 permits issued per day.

Making proper trekking arrangements is important when hiking in Cameron Highlands because there are cases where hikers have lost their way.

For a trip costing RM150 per person, Let’s Go Discovery offers a full day’s trip to Mossy Forest and the tea plantation led by an experienced guide, and this includes a 4WD transfer to the hotel.

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oldest forest in malaysia
Mossy Forest Oldest Forest in Malaysia is Located in Cameron Highlands
Well, it takes us almost 40 minutes to reach the entrance of Mossy Forest. At one hole-laden stretch, I have to get the driver of an incoming car to help me manoeuvre my vehicle. The sound of screeching tyres on loose gravel has somehow got the best of me.
oldest forest in malaysia

A hike up Cameron Highlands’ highest mountain via the Mossy Forest is a trek into a magical wonderland albeit one filled with twists, turns and slippery tracks, writes

Zalina Mohd Som

However, just minutes before the appointment, my hiking buddies excuse themselves to answer nature’s call. Perhaps they are nervous. Actually, I am too but I have to wait for Haziq.

Going in and out of a building during the Recovery Movement Control Order is not as simple as ABC. The supposedly simple trip to the loo takes the girls almost an hour.

Haziq can’t wait as he and his team have to be at the small office of the Mossy Forest entrance at 9am sharp. He leaves first, but not before giving me instructions on getting there.

“But I thought you would be driving us to the entrance,” I cry out.

I’m not comfortable driving someone else’s car, let alone navigating a steep, narrow and rough road that requires the agility and toughness of a four-wheel drive.

“Ah, don’t worry. You’re driving a Proton X70. You’ll be up there in no time,” Haziq replies and quickly excuses himself.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands – Oldest Forest In Malaysia – A BUMPY START

Well, it takes us almost 40 minutes to reach the entrance of Mossy Forest. At one hole-laden stretch, I have to get the driver of an incoming car to help me manoeuvre my vehicle. The sound of screeching tyres on loose gravel has somehow got the best of me.

“It’s a smooth drive from here onwards. Just switch off the air-conditioning, wind down the windows, enjoy the cool air and you’ll be all right,” advises the helpful chap.

On arrival, still with butterflies in my stomach, I get down from the SUV to join Haziq, worried that we have kept him waiting for too long. Next to him is another hiker.

My two comrades tag along, each with their own hiking stick.

Haziq turns to the other guy and says, “Don’t think we need hiking sticks, right?”

The guy nods in agreement.

Ah, cocky!, I mutter to myself. Before I could defend my mates, Haziq explains: “With the condition of the track, they won’t be of any use. Your hands need to be free.”

Haziq then introduces his friend. Ja is a certified nature guide who will be leading our group. Haziq, meanwhile, will take on the duty of a sweeper.

Ja, in his no-nonsense tone of voice, briefs us on the trail as well as the do’s and don’ts.

What catches my attention is when he mentions the cut-off time for our expedition. “Regardless of whether or not we reach the peak of Gunung Mini Irau, we have to turn back at 1pm. This means you have three hours to ascend,” he says.

Alamak, how- lah? Can we reach the peak in three hours? I’m told that some groups have turned back just halfway up the peak. Can we, who are slow hikers, do it within the allotted time?

“If you want to complete it, walk faster but be careful. And take less breaks,” Haziq interrupts.

Ladders are placed to help climbers as well as to protect the trail.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest In Malaysia –  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

And so the adventure begins. The short walk on the boardwalk, built over the original mossy forest trail to help protect the forest, fails to ease our anxiety.

When our feet finally hit the forest floor, we say a silent prayer and follow Ja’s footsteps.

Though we are anxious, we keep our usual pace. We do not rush or race along the path. Walking at our individual pace, we will wait for each other if we find that someone is falling behind.

Due to the condition of the trail, we actually cannot hike fast even if we want to. We have to take a long pause before a step is made as the track is practically covered by a massive network of twisting, and slippery, roots of the hard montane forest trees.

We have to plan our steps and consider which branches, rocks or even roots to hold on to for balance and to prevent us from slipping and stepping on the soft, squishy ground.

The situation gets so intense that we practically ignore our thirst as well as our sore and tired muscles as we make our way up.

But thanks to the pauses we make, we get to enjoy and fully take in the magical feeling the Mossy Forest has generously showered us with. The forest looks like those in fairy-tale movies, only better because it’s real and we’re in it.

The trees that grow majestically from the black wet ground have crooked branches either covered with thick moss or lush air plants.

All around, there are sprinkles of colour from wild blooms that thrive in rotting roots, tree trunks and branches.

Filling the air between the trees are low-level clouds that at times move as the wind blows. It’s just surreal.

Whether it’s the magical power lent by the mystical forest or our sheer determination, we reach the peak of Gunung Mini Irau (2,008 metres) in two hours and 45 minutes.

The peak, according to Ja, is actually a false peak. The actual Gunung Irau peak is at 2,090 metres but it is now inaccessible due to a landslide that occurred two years ago.

The difference in altitude aside, the higher Irau which is the third highest mountain in Pahang, is another 45 minutes’ hike from Mini Irau.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest In Malaysia – A HAPPY ENDING

Happy with our time, Ja lets us enjoy the peak for almost 40 minutes before calling us to descend.

He is by now friendlier — perhaps he is like Cameron Highlands, cold in the morning and warming up as the day progresses!

“We go slow and steady. Let’s hope that it won’t rain and we’re able to come out by 4.30pm,” he says.

Alas, just 20 minutes into the return leg, it starts to rain.

“Ah, there we go. And it’s heavy,” Ja laments.

Heavy? To me, it’s more like a spray of thick mist. Only occasionally do I feel raindrops on my head.

“This is heavy. We cannot feel the raindrops because of the thick forest canopy which has broken the drops down into spray,” he explains.

Thanks to the canopy too, we don’t get drenched immediately. Walking in the rain for the two and half hours in the fantasy-like Mossy Forest is another (cool) story altogether.

Wet and cold but happy and contented, we make our way down to Ringlet where The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, our warm and charming home for the night, awaits.

“Let’s celebrate the day with a big dine-in dinner tonight,” I suggest.

Our celebratory dinner is a sumptuous piping-hot meal of white rice with home-style dishes at The Lakehouse Restaurant.

We end the night with our bodies getting the much-needed horizontal treatment on the soft beds in our deluxe room.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest In Malaysia – TRAVEL FACTS

GUNUNG Irau is the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands and the 15th highest in Malaysia.

Until the 45-minute trail to the “real” peak is open, hikers will have to settle for the peak of Mini Irau — erstwhile known as the false peak — which is 82m shorter than its higher sister, Irau (2090m). Irau is inaccesible due to a landslide two years ago.

For the Mini Irau climbing expedition, my tracking device recorded a total distance of 10.30km, done in six and a half hours (with an almost 45-minute break at the peak) and with only 200m elevation difference.

Besides a sound level of fitness, enough rations and appropriate hiking gear, one also needs a permit from the Cameron Highlands District Forestry Office and a certified guide to attempt this hike.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest In Malaysia – UP TO EXPECTATIONS

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Mossy Forest Oldest Forest in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Again? Welcome to Mossy Forest

Hai All,
We in Cameron Highlands!!! Again?
same destination, but a different objective lets check out our advantures there a few segment in this video. so check it out 🙂

Kita ke Cameron Highland lagi!!! Tapi pasti nya ke tempat yang berbeza.

Jom ikuti perjalanan kami bersembilan 🙂 ada beberapa bahagian untuk video kali ini

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Mossy Forest Oldest Forest in Malaysia

Perjalanan Ke Mossy Forest Gunung Brinchang (CAMERON HIGHLAND 2020)

Dalam video kali ni saya sediakan footage perjalanan nak ke Mossy Forest Cameron Highland. Bermula dari mainroad Kea Farm naik ke atas sejauh 9km.

Pendapat saya menasihatkan bagi korang yg nak ke Mossy Forest boleh menggunakan khidmat pengangkutan 4x4 yg di sediakan. Ataupun menaiki motosikal oleh kerana keadaan jalan yg agak teruk.


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Mossy Forest 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

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