Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar

2 Best Food Kedah: Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar Restaurant

2 Best Food Kedah: Medina Thai Palace Restaurant, Alor Setar

2 Best Food Kedah: Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar Restaurant

Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar
2 Best Food Kedah: Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar Restaurant : Very delicious food and good ambient in the restaurant. Will definitely come again
Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar
Food lover

2 Best Food Kedah: Medina Thai Palace Restaurant, Alor Setar : When arriving in Alor Setar, don’t forget to come over here. This is the best restaurant serving delicious foods!

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Tripadvisor Travellers Review

Bintang Kesukaan :
Reviewed 4 days ago via mobile

Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar "Above Average"

Good layout n ambiance...hospitable n ample parking..rooms for private functions. Food average..Tom Yam n drinks too sweet...Steam Fish n Sweet Sour ok.. Maybe cooks off day..need to buck up..

~Date of visit: October 2019~

Reviewed 4 weeks ago

Mohammad Zahid Isa
Bintang Kesukaan :
Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar "Delicious food"

The food served has that authentic Thai food flavor. The portion is just nice for you to share with your family. The interior decoration is pleasing to the eyes. I like best the pictures portraying the Thai and Kedah royals post independence

~ Date of visit: October 2018~

Reviewed 9 September 2019 via mobile
Rais Yazid Hamzah
Bintang Kesukaan :
Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar "Tasty!"

This restaurant only open at 7pm for dinner. Annoying for me as I prefer having dinner earlier. However we waited for it to open as we were tired. I must say that that every dish we ordered was superbly cooked. Great taste. We had tom yum, veggie kailan with salted fish, prawn tom yum, and phar phet: a mixed of seafood cooked in tom yum paste.

~Date of visit: September 2019~
Mohammad Idris Kassim
Bintang Kesukaan :
Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar "Pure Thai Seafood Ever!"

The restaurant is one of our favorite every time we arrived in Kedah for business and vacation purposes.
The staff is very friendly and the price is very reasonable.

~Date of visit: October 2019~
Akmal Noor Lokman

Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar Menu


Kailan with Salted Fish
from MYR 16.00

Kangkung Belacan
from MYR 13.00

Fried Asparagus
from MYR 21.00

Petai with Chilli Paste & Shrimpa
from MYR 16.90

Crispy Fried Kangkung
from MYR 10.90

Seafood Salad
Small MYR 20.90

Mango Salad
MYR 19.90

Squid Salad
MYR 20.90

Thai Noodle Glass Salad
MYR 18.90

Chicken Salad
MYR 19.90

Tomyam Seafood

Tom Yam Seafood
from MYR 21.00

Tom Yam Prawn
from MYR 26.00

Tom Yam Chicken
from MYR 19.00


Thai Fried Rice MYR 11.90 Seafood Fried Rice MYR 11.90 Pineapple Fried Rice MYR 11.90 Prawn Fried Rice MYR 16.00 Kerabu Fried Rice MYR 16.00 Salted Fish Fried Rice MYR 11.90 Shrimp Paste Fried Rice MYR 11.90 Mushroom Fried Rice MYR 11.90


Mee Hoon Tom Yam MYR 16.00 Fried Mee Hoon Thai Style MYR 10.90 Mee Hoon Ratna MYR 11.00 Phad Thai Goong Sod MYR 25.90 Kuey Teow Tom Yam MYR 16.00 Fried Kuey Teow Thai Style MYR 10.90 Kuey Teow Ratna MYR 11.00 Kuey Teow Goong MYR 26.90 Fried Glass Noodle MYR 10.90


Phat Phet Beef from MYR 26.00 Red Sauce Beef from MYR 26.90 Sizzling Black Pepper Sauce Beef from MYR 26.90 Stir-fried with Ginger Beef from MYR 26.00 Stir-fried with Turmeric Beef from MYR 26.00 Stir-fried with Oyster Sauce Beef from MYR 26.00


Steamed Squid Small MYR 26.00 Phat Pet Squid from MYR 25.90 Three Flavours Palace Squid from MYR 27.00 Crispy Squid Small MYR 21.00 Mango Squid from MYR 26.00 Sambal Paste Squid from MYR 25.00 Thai Chilli Herbs Squid from MYR 26.00 Sweet and Sour Squid from MYR 26.90 Assam Squid from MYR 26.00 Turmeric & Onion Squid from MYR 26.00


Sweet Sour Chicken from MYR 20.90 Phat Pet Chicken from MYR 20.90 Mango Chicken from MYR 21.00 Thai Spicy Chicken from MYR 19.00 Crispy Turmeric Chicken from MYR 19.90 Black Pepper Sauce Chicken from MYR 20.90 Hot Chilli Chicken from MYR 20.90 Fried Chicken with Ginger from MYR 20.90 Chicken Soup from MYR 16.00


Hot Chilli Prawn from MYR 26.00 Black Pepper with Glass Noodle Prawn from MYR 26.90 Otak-otak Small MYR 30.90 Phat Phet Seafood Small MYR 27.90 Sambal Paste Seafood Small MYR 27.90 Sweet & Sour Seafood Small MYR 29.00 Fried with Turmeric & Thai Sauce Seafood Small MYR 26.00 Seafood Fried with Ginger & Oyster Sauce Small MYR 27.50


Seafood Curry from MYR 29.90 Prawn Curry from MYR 26.90 Squid Curry from MYR 25.90 Chicken Curry from MYR 21.00 Vegetable Curry from MYR 19.00


Seafood Kengsom from MYR 19.00 Prawn Kengsom from MYR 26.00 Vegetables Kengsom from MYR 16.00

The Food Menus at Medina Thai Palace Alor Setar.
medina thai food restaurant
Tel: 60 4-730 4071

Medina Thai Palace
Jalan Stadium
Alor Setar 05100

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