1001 Memorable Malaysia Destinations to Visit - Attraction in Malacca

It's Time to Start Your Memorable Adventures in malacca, malaysia destinations to visit

14 Memorable Malaysia destinations to visit, attraction in Malacca  Melaka is the best destination to visit because of it’s historical values and culture. We have many historic building and remains of the vital subject in school text book. Melaka is now rapidly developing and still maintaining priceless historical values to the new generations.

41 Memorable Historical Attraction in Malacca Malaysia destinations to visit,

Malacca destinations to visit for it's priceless historical attractions values. A Famosa , Jonker Walk, Taming Sari Tower are some of your remarkable journey to Malacca

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Malaysia destinations to visit, attraction in Malacca - 35 Best Foods You Must Try in Melaka. Yeah! We listed the best breakfast, lunch and dinner for your to choose. Whether it is simple dish or heavy like seafood, you make a decision!

Amazing Malacca : Five Great Things to Do in Melaka Beach Malaysia

Attraction in Malacca - 10 Amazing Beaches in Malacca to visit. Pulau Besar, Pantai Tg Kling, Pantai Puteri etc. Just come over to Malacca.

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Malaysia Destinations to Visit - The Best Hotels in Malacca

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Legendary Traditional Music - Dondang Sayang

Attraction in Malacca - Dondang Sayang is Melaka legendary traditional music that reminds me as one of the best musical in Malay culture. Music can bonding the community and so is to Dondang Sayang.

Cencaluk, Delicious traditional Malacca Food

Cencaluk, delicious traditional Malacca Food. When it comes to remembering of Hang Tuah, The people of Malacca and the cencaluk like rhythm and song are inseparable. One bottle to take home because we provide cencaluk recipe for you guys to try it at home!

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10 Best Melaka Budget Hotels for Family Vacations

10 Best Budget Hotels for Family Vacations and Outings you can get in Melaka (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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10 Things to do in Ayer Keroh, Melaka

10 Things to do in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. (The page under construction)

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15 Best Ikan Bakar Melaka

15 Best Ikan Bakar Melaka. Located in Sg. Ujong, Umbai, Medan Selera Merlimau, Kg. Pernu etc. (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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10 Money You Can Spend in Malacca Shopping Mall

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About Malacca

Malacca is a place where many culture meet and fused. One of the most pronounced influence is the Portuguese architectural that one can see around Malacca. When the Portuguese came in 1511, they built a fort overlooking the river, and named it A Famosa.

It was built to maintain the Portuguese stronghold across the Far East, to date it is one of the oldest European Architerure present in South East Asia. Besides, The Portuguese Square is also a place to enjoy the Portuguese culture within Malacca. Its located 20 minutes from Malacca town, within the Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir. The square is facing the sea where you can catch a hearty Portuguese food while enjoying the sea breeze.

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Portugese and Other Influences to Malacca

Apart from Portuguese influence, there is also Chinese descendant’s settler that have adopted into the local Malay culture through intermarriage, forming the distinct Baba and Nyonya flavours. Be sure to visit Baba and Nyonya Heritage Musuem to view the unique carving of furniture and house interior.

As mentioned earlier, Malacca is a place where many culture meets. The Stadthuys, which means the Municipal Town Hall in Dutch, and it’s the biggest and oldest Dutch building in Southeast Asia, located in the Malacca Town Square. It was built when the Dutch took over Malacca from the Portuguese and it took nearly 20 years to completion where the building materials are imported from Netherlands.

If you are an antic lover, Jonker Street will be a perfect place for you. It’s pleasant for a slow stroll where you can get delicious local delicacies, Nyonya fashions and shoes as well as cafes and pubs. There are also a few Baba and Nyonya style accommodation in Jonker Street, where you can truly experience the living of the ‘Peranakan’, example, The Baba House. Otherwise, there are plenty of hotels around Malacca. Other attractions of Malacca include Marine Musuem and Zoo Malacca.

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History of Malacca

Back in the 15th century, Melaka was one of Southeast Asia’s greatest trading ports. Over time it lost favour to Singapore, but this slowdown in trade protected much of the ancient architecture of the state capital, Melaka City, from falling foul of development.

The historic centre was crowned a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, kick starting a decade of renewal. Modern Melaka swaggers once more, with visitors pouring in to experience the bustling weekend night market, heritage architecture and famously glitzy trishaws.

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Malacca was established when Parameswara, who had escaped from Palembang in Sumatra, decided to build a new kingdom following Malay Srivijaya’s fall in 1377 after being attacked by Javanese Majapahit.

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