Hang Li Poh’s Well

Hang Li Poh’s Well

The Hang Li Poh’s Well (Malay: Perigi Hang Li Poh), also known as King’s Well, is a historical water well situated in Bukit Cina (English: Chinese Hill | Chinese: 三宝井), Melaka. It is the oldest water well in Malaysia.

The well is one of three wells within the area and thus the area’s Chinese name 三宝井, which means the three precious wells. The second well has been covered with road laid atop of it while the third well is within a private land but fell into disrepair.

The well was built in 1459 by the followers of Hang Li Poh as the main water source in the town. After conquering Malacca in 1511, the Portuguese secured the well and used it as their main water source supply. After conquering Malacca in 1677, the Dutch surrounded the well with solid brick walls to protect the well.However, during the British period, they neglected the well and let it fall into despair.

Today, the well is no longer used as a water source but a wishing well instead. It is said that if you drink the water of the well or throw a coin into the well, you will either marry a Malaccan (or the modern version is you will return to Melaka again one day).

Address: Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh, Kampung Bukit China, 75100 Melaka


*from: tourismmelaka.com

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