Cencaluk, a traditional Malacca Food

When it comes to remembering of Hang Tuah, The people of Malacca and the cencaluk like rhythm and song are inseparable.

Cencaluk is a popular traditional Melaka dish. If in Kelantan there are budu, in Perak there are tempoyak in Johor with belacan. In Malacca, it is not so great with the cencaluk that is now not only popular with locals but also loved by all kinds of people.


Cencaluk Ingredients

Cencaluk are made from fine shrimp that are better known as shrimp or in some places. These very rare shrimp are only available in certain seasons. The main focus will be around Klebang Beach, Limbongan, Tanjung Kling as well as other coastal areas of the Straits of Malacca

The process of making Cencaluk is a process of fermentation. Purified shrimp shrimp are mixed with a lot of salt and a little rice and stir in 3 to 4 days before eating. Try to make the lunch menu tasty.

Because it is made from shrimp, it is said to contain very high protein content.


You muest be regret if you do not have a bottle of cencaluk for a gift.




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