Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Heritage Trail in Ipoh Perak Malaysia

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Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia
  • Location: Perak Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Historical Building in Malaysia

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About Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak

Tourist should not miss the oppurtunity to visite heritage buildings aournd the city of Ipoh which is certainy beautiful with its colonia-era architecture. The buildings are including Ipoh Town Hall, Concubine Lane, Ipoh Old Town, Ipoh Railway Station and many more!

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About The Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia is comprised of 27 recorded points of interest situated from the old town of Ipoh to the maturing business area, the Ipoh Heritage Trail is a show of the city’s history and appeal for those that may some way or another go by these milestones without perceiving their essentialness.

Of note are structures like the Town Hall Building, the Ipoh Railway Station, and the Birch Memorial, all of which are incorporated into the trail and on the record of Ipoh’s history, both pioneer and sovereign. Take the stroll at your relaxation, ceasing to snatch some of exemplary Ipoh white espresso or some nasi kandar on your way through the phases of Ipoh history.

*Source : http://ipohheritage.mbi.gov.my/

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Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia Reviews

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Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia

On behalf of the team, me and my cousin playing tourist in one of the most popular spot in Ipoh. We just love how every lane is interconnected to each other. Spot how all the stall with different 'genres' being together in harmony?

Oh, not to forget the renowned Platform 9 1/2 Cafe, Inspired from Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, set somewhere in the middle of the lane.


Sebagai wakil squad, Mya bersama sepupu telah melawat ke salah satu lokasi terkenal di Ipoh. Ianya menarik bagaimana setiap lorong bersambung dengan satu sama lain. Begitu juga dengan kewujudan gerai-gerai kecil yg hidup dengan baik dan harmoni di sini.

Tidak dilupakan juga kepada Kafe Platform 9 1/2 yang diinspirasikan dari siri Harry Potter hasil penulisan JK Rowling yang berada di tengah-tengah laluan ni.

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IPOH Heritage Cycling Trail with GoGo

Heritage Trail Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Cycle around the city of Ipoh for the best way to discover the heritage.

You will be guide by a local license tour guide from the 1st and only in Ipoh Heritage Tour. Cycling Trail depart in the morning as well as PH. We may based on customer need to customize the itinerary.

We have 2.5hrs and 2.5hrs journey for you to choose.

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