Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin

Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin

Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin is one of the best celebrity chef in Malaysia. She’s young, beautiful, talented and skillful in culinary made her popular and a host in many culinary shows in Malaysia. Follow the stories and recipes from celebrity chef Anis Nabilah, our Malaysian young and popular Chef.

Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin Biodata

Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin
  • Personality Name: Chef Anis Nabilah Umaruddin
  • Highest Rank: Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah and Ambassador Cooking Products. Hands on class via Instagram and Facebook, Cooking TV Programme
  • Recipe Source: Video and TV Program, Magazine, Cooking class, product ambassador, FB Recipe, Instagram Live Cooking etc.
  • Kategori Hidangan: Food especially expert in western, malay and fusion.

Chef Anis Nabilah From Wikipedia

Anis Nabilah Umaruddin (born November 18, 1986) is a Malaysian celebrity chef, lawyer and media personality, best known for his culinary television shows. She is the sister of actor and singer Aisya Hasnaa

Early life

Anis Nabilah was born on November 18, 1986 in Kuala Lumpur and is of Malay and Pakistani birth. She has siblings of eight (seven girls and one male) and is the fourth child. His younger brother Aisya Hasnaa is an actor and singer. He attended the Malaysian Food Institute (FIM) and graduated with a diploma in culinary arts in 2007. His eldest brother is Adam Emir who died in 2016


After studying to cook since he was 10 years old, Anis Nabilah is convinced he has the skills and not just find his job now. His ambition is to seek more experienced services to learn the art of cooking. Anis himself learned to cook as a young man, he said, explaining that he always watched his mother in the kitchen. “One day, I tried to make an entred egg myself. It turned out to be a success and I started learning to cook from that point on.”

At the age of 21, Anis had attended auditions and had a part to operate his own cooking show, Icip Icip which aired on TV3. In The Bachelor Panshow, Anis cooks for single individuals, including celebrities, and shows them how to easily cook great dishes.

Anis and her three sisters, including her sister Aisya Hasnaa, appear in the reality drama The Dream Sisters which follows the journey of 4 beautiful girls in achieving their dreams and dreams through self-respect and inspiration obtained from their parents. The series premiered on TV9 on January 28, 2013. Through the series, Anis faced difficulties in opening a restaurant.

Anis became the only Malaysian celebrity chef to appear in the food travelog program My Taste of Hong Kong (TLC Asia) and Eating Wild (Asian Food Channel). Starting 22 May 2016, Anis hosted a relaxed cooking show, Eat Clean with Anis that aired simultaneously on Astro Bella and Astro Mustika HD, where she shared almost 39 new recipes to invited celebrities including Diana Danielle, Miera Leyana, Afiq Muiz, Faizal Hussein and others.


He won the medal in the 2007 Culinary competition. He was also invited to participate in the 50 Best Asian Restaurants 2015 campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board. Anis was also selected among the 80 most influential celebrity chefs in Tourism Australia’s ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign. Anis was also nominated for the Most Popular Celebrity Chef category at Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2013.


  • Icip-Icip (TV3)
  • Taste (TV3)
  • Tasty Traditions (TV1)
  • Flavored (TV2)
  • Anis Nabilah Rasa Story (TV2)
  • 1, 2, Burn (TV3)
  • My Taste of Hong Kong (TLC Asia)
  • Eating Wild (Asian Food Channel)
  • Eat Clean with Anis (Astro Ria)
  • Find Heredital Recipes (TV9)
  • The Dream Sisters (TV9)
  • Bachelor Pan (HyppTV)
  • Secret Ingredients (TV1)
  • I Can see Your Voice Malaysia Season 2 Episode 13′ (TV3)

Credit: https://.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anis_Nabilah

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