39 best Food in Muar Mee Bandung Satay Nasi Beringin

It's Time to full your stomach - 39 Best Food in Muar Mee Bandung Satay Nasi Beringin

39 Best Food in Muar Mee Bandung Satay Nasi Beringin : These are some of the highlighted in Muar for you to taste. The signature food and must eat for food lover. Based on our experience, all foods in Muar are suitable for all ages because it is not too spicy or too sweet. It just perfect for everybody!

mee bandung abu bakar hanipah

Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah, Muar Johor

Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah is one the famous mee bandung in Muar. It serves with fresh prawn. It is located at the taxi and bus station Maharani. The eating place is really good because it is besides the river bank of Muar River.

The price is reasonable. We pay around Rm8 per Mee Bandung plate for prawn. For regular /without prawn, it cost around Rm5.

mee bandung central

Mee Bandung Central Muar

Mee Bandung Central is located at Tg Agas Muar. For you who wish to come here, the landmark is in front of Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar. There are 2 shop Mee Bandung Central. You can choose either located in the shop lot or another one premises at covered open areas.

For Muar people, this is the one best Mee Bandung. You can also try its satay especially satay perut. It is super delicious!

Satay Warisan Muar

Satay Warisan Muar is considered one of the best and delicious for breakfast. The restaurant specialties are definitely satay. The satay is grill using conventional charcoal which tastes really good.

You can also try other menu as well like mee bandung, lontong, nasi lemak and kuih muih. For us, honestly, lontong is really outstanding and delicious. You have to come early because based on our experience, some menus like lontong, mee bandung were sold out if you arrived after 10am. We give 5 star rating!

Nasi Beringin

Nasi Beringin. For us this is the best nasi beringin ever in Muar and it only open for breakfast. It is located at taxi and bus station Maharani. Here you can order side dishes like chicken, curry mutton, fish or prawn or cuttlefish. The price also reasonable.

You definitely will come again in the next day for nasi beringin because you will never get anywhere but only in Muar. We give 5 star rating!

Coconut Shake Luar Biasa Parit Bunga Muar​

Coconut Shake Luar Biasa Parit Bunga, Muar

For coconut shake lover, Coconut Shake Luar Biasa can be a rescue to your addiction to Coconut Shake. Located at Parit Bunga, Muar, you can get a glass of mouth watering Coconut Shake.

Also you can try other meals like Durian Goreng, Cendol Durian, ABC Durian, Durian Crepe and special burger set.

Kuih ccccc Pekan Rawang, Tg Agas Muar

Perak Iconic Mosque

Restoran HD, Pekan Muar

Perak Iconic Mosque

Mee Siput Kak Chik Enterprise Ledang Johor​

Mee Siput Kak Chik Enterprise, Ledang Johor

Tired of the same taste of Mee? Let’s give a try of Mee Siput with Sambal Tumis which is famous among Johorean as one of the snack.


Most frequent questions and answers

The best foods in Muar are mee bandung, nasi beringin, lontong and nasi beriani gam.

We recommend you to try out satay and nasi beringin. You may also try mee rebus

You can try mee bandung at Muar bus station or Mee Bandung Central. You may also try nasi beriani at Muara Beriani House or Nasi Ayam Gemas.

You can try Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor. The most popular restaurant is Ikan Bakar Wak Jos

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