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This page is about Cameron Highlands is highly rated as the best destination in Malaysia. Located in Pahang, you will be amazed by the nature and mountain. You can use Tapah Road or Simpang Pulai Road to reach at Tanah Rata. Read more information here.

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  • Attraction: Cameron Highlands Tanah Rata Pahang
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About Cameron Highlands Tanah Rata

Cameron Highlands, a land of breathtaking scenery with cool lush mountains peaks, waterfalls, tea plantations, terraces of vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. This attractive and magical place is tucked away at 1829 metre’s above sea level among the peaks of the main range of Peninsular Malaysia. Temperature here hovers between 16 to 25.

Cameron Highlands is the premier hilltop holiday spot at Pahang. Discovered by a British surveyor, William Cameron in 1885, this highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village. Thus, European cottages are very common at in Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang, which is located in the north-western corner of the state. It is made up of 3 main townships at different altitudes. The lowest is Ringlet, 1,200 metres above sea-level situated near Bertam Valley where the soil is rich thus making this area the main agricultural centre of the highlands.

Further up is Tanah Rata, which is the principal township where most of the main banks and government offices are situated. The bus terminal and taxi station are located here too.

Next is Brinchang, which is about 15 minutes’ drive from Tanah Rata. The night market, which is open every Saturday night, features all kinds of vegetables, flowers, fruits and other products of the highlands.

Beyond Brinchang, the road leads to Kea Farm, Sungai Palas, Tringkap, Kuala Terla, Kampung Raja and the Blue Valley Tea Plantation.

Dine and Shopping at Cameron Highlands

Gift and Souvenir Shops

Most of the gift and souvenir shops in Cameron Highlands are along the Tanah Rata main street. Items tend to be based around anything to do with Cameron Highlands, everything from highlands tea to Asli Craft woodcarvings. The best of these is probably Yung Seng Souvenir Shop for their range of Asli Craft and the nicely presented Roslane Gift Shop. Most of the hill resorts in Cameron Highlands also have gifts and souvenirs.

K.S. One Stop Shopping Centre

K.S. One Stop Shopping Centre in Brinchang Cameron Highlands is full of everything imaginable a visitor or local may need, from colourful sweaters to keep out the chilly evenings, to harmonicas and a complete range of Liverpool football kits! Kumar, who’s helpful, meticulously cares it for and entertaining personality can in itself make a visit worthwhile.

Street Stalls

A delightful variety of food is available at hotels, restaurants and street stalls providing Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western food. They range from inexpensive fast service places, to pleasantly decorated first floor establishments ideal for a leisurely evening meal. There are far too many to mention here, just wander along the old main street and the new centre to make your choice. Dining out in Brinchang is a little more limited than Tanah Rata with most of the restaurants in the area serving various styles of Chinese food.

Most Chinese restaurants offer a wide selection of dishes, or you may opt for the very popular “Steamboat” with the food cooked in a steaming soup. Bite size pieces of fish, chicken, seafood and vegetables are brought to the table, along with noodles and various sauces for dips. Diners place the pieces of meat in the soup and after a few minutes they are ready to eat. A small ladle is on hand to scoop the food from the soup. It is a great dish for those who enjoy a leisurely social dinner.

Malay food is usually spicy and rich as galaxy of spices are used to give it its characteristic piquant flavour. The most important of these are “Belacan” (prawn paste), chilli, coriander, cumin, ginger root, lemon grass, tamarind, turmeric, saffron and star anise.

All Indian cooking is characterized by used of spices to make its staple curries but is not always spicy. Dishes such as “Kurma” have a base of coconut milk. Yoghurt is also frequently used. In some restaurants, foods are severed on a banana leaf. Fish head curry is another popular favourite.

*Source: heritage.com.my official website

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