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30 best food in kuala lumpur you must try

Attractions in Malaysia. 30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur you must try. From the best nasi lemak, nasi campur to nasi kandar and from malay food to mamak stall. It is all time favorite dishes by all Malaysians.

As a person who has been living in Kuala Lumpur for over 3 decades, we summarize the 10 best Malay food in Kuala Lumpur we had ever eaten. You must try all delicious dishes originally from generation to generation recipes.

30 best Malay foods in Kuala Lumpur you must try are selected based on the my own experience who has enjoyed hundreds of meals in Kuala Lumpur. Some are also based on experience from close friends.

Usually eateries in Kuala Lumpur will go viral due to the proximity of restaurants to government offices or private company premises. It became the ‘mouthpiece’ to make the restaurant / diner popular. The era of information technology eruptions so fast that the shop has gone viral on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website make them very popular.

The existence of this popular food stall is actually derived from a business that has been in operation for decades. For example, Pak Hassan’s Warong in Kampung Baru has been in operation for the past 30 years and so is the Restoran Nasi Kandar Kudu Bin Abdul which has been in operation since the 1950s. Evidence of the early existence of these delicious eateries is featured in an article in the newspaper and a decorative image in restaurant’s wall featuring popular celebrity like Tan Sri P. Ramlee who frequents enjoyed the eatery. That’s our malay food in Kuala Lumpur! Best foods in Kuala Lumpur… best foods in KL.

30 Best foods in Kuala Lumpur - Warong Pak Hassan Kg. Baru

Warong Pak Hassan Kg. Baru is our all time favorite for breakfast. Located in the center of KL which is in Kampong Baru. Delicious nasi lemak and roti canai with kaki ayam. Very hard to explain the infinite deliciousness

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Warong Nasi Lemak Kg. Baru

Warong Nasi Lemak Kg. Baru also serve good nasi lemak for breakfast and nasi campur during lunch time. Located infront of Coop Bank. Delicious daging rendang.

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Ikan Bakar Bellamy

Ikan Bakar Bellamy is our top rated for lunch time because it is serve the best ikan bakar in Kuala Lumpur. Open everyday except on Friday. All time favorite since 2001

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Restaurant Tupai-tupai

Restaurant Tupai-tupai is very famous among corporate peoples because the restoran serve the best nasi campur and ikan bakar during lunch hour.

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Warong Suria/ Kedai Kuning

Warong Suria/ Kedai Kuning located at Taman Tenaga Cheras served a very delicious nasi lemak and more than 50 side dishes to choose from. 5 star taste with street vendor price.

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Azie Bistro

Azie Bistro is 24 hours malay restaurant that provide a non-stop delicious malay seafood cuisine (goreng-goreng melayu), western and indonesian foods. You can order your foods via Foodpanda!

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Nasi Lemak stall in Salak Selatan

Nasi Lemak stall in Salak Selatan is one of the best breakfast for people living in Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras since 2001. Located infront of Balai Polis Salak Selatan. You must try nasi lemak sambal sotong or with daging rendang.

30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur - Food Court Bandar Tun Razak

Food court Bandar Tun Razak serve variety of delicious foods from lontong, nasi lemak, roti jala to heavy cuisine such as nasi campur and goreng-goreng seafood. Located in front of Pasar Raya Pak Aji. Best food near me 🙂

Best food near me - Nasi Kukus Daun Pisang, Permaisuri

What is your 'best foods near me'? Nasi Kukus Daun Pisang located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri provide with the best original nasi kerabu during breakfast, nasi kukus and goreng-goreng melayu seafood during night. Rated as 30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur.

Best food near me - Gerai Bismillah, Taman Tenaga

Gerai Bismillah located in Taman Tenaga Cheras in one of the favorite if you have a low budget constraint because the food price is very cheap. It is 24 hours non-stop restaurant.

Best Foods Near Me - Restoran O'din

Restoran O'din is located in Taman Ehsan Kepong is one of our 30 best food in Kuala Lumpur you must try. The signature dishes is nasi lemak. Why because the rice is steam first. Sambal kerang and other side dishes is delicious too. What is your 'best foods near me'?

Best Foods Near Me - Restoran Ani Sup Utara

Restoran Ani Sup Utara is the only malay restaurant that serve noodle soup, gearbox soup, beef and chicken soup with exceptional taste. This restaurant is considered one of 30 Best Foods in Kuala Lumpur you must try! What is your 'best foods near me'?

Best Foods Near Me - LC Restaurant (Line Clear)

Best foods near me, Restaurant Nasi Kandar Line Clear or Restoran LC situated in Kg. Baru Kuala Lumpur. Has been operated for generation to generation originally from Penang. Must try. One of the best nasi kandar ever in Malaysia.

Best Food Near Me : Restoran Nasi Kandar Mohd Yaseem

Best food Nasi Kandar Mohd Yaseem - The restaurant is situated in Jalan Chow Kit KL and very near to Restoran Nasi Kandar Kudu. Operated 24 hours 7 days / week is rated 5 star mamak nasi kandar food in KL. You must try the delicious kuah campur and telor ikan.

Why choose Malay Food Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur?

Because in Kuala Lumpur, the way malay food is cooked using high quality ingredients and the taste is very consistent all the time.

  • Price Wise: Quite cheap and reasonable
  • Taste: It is authentic malay taste
  • All over KL: Stalls, restaurants, vendor street

Signature Foods for Malay Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur?

What are the signature foods for malay restaurant who doing business in Kuala Lumpur?

  • Nasi Lemak: rice with coconut milk serve with slices of cucumber, half boiled eggs, anchovy and groundnuts
  • Nasi Campur: is a mixed rice with variety of side dishes
  • Goreng-goreng seafood: Variety of menu cooked on the spot once the order has been received


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. All malay foods in Kuala Lumpur and all over Malaysia are halal because malay people in Malaysia only buy halal food. We only buy raw foods from Jakim Halal certifications company and it is 100% Halal.